…Still In Study…
By Adriana Rubio


A few months before the release date of the book entitled “Jim Morrison: Ceremony”, my publisher and I had contacted Kerry Humpherys of “The Doors Collectors Magazine” to place the upcoming title for sale at his famous site. As soon as the book was officially published we mailed him a copy. He wrote back to me saying the following:

“Gerald Pitts and his fake friend are an obvious scam. It was obvious to me and everybody else I’ve talked to about the topic. Several newsletters ago, I warned Doors fans about him and his scam. I even sent a letter to Ray. The Doors chose to do nothing about it. I don’t think anyone should give him the time of day (obviously neither did The Doors) especially on the scale you did… I e-mailed the director of “A Current Affair” TV Show the exact same sentiments when I was told by a researcher for the TV Show that they were doing a story on Pitts. Giving media attention to crack pots just encourages them and others to lie”.

Wow! What a nice guy! First off I’m not a liar. I never said the Cowboy in Oregon is the real Jim Morrison. As an investigative journalist I was just following the steps to discover the truth whether this guy is the real one or not. On the other hand and to be very honest the events that surrounded Jim Morrison death are very hard to believe. Who can believe such a bunch of inconsistencies?

The Oregon Cowboy is William James Loyer and lives in Eagle Point, OR with his wife Dr. Marsha Fillhart Mark Loyer. They met for the first time in 1995 and from that moment on they became one. Marsha is a retired doctor from Hawaii and was married to Dr. Mark in the past. The ex couple have a daughter who unfortunately was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis.

William James Loyer is known in Eagle Point as “Bill”. He and Dr. Marsha have a ranch named “JM Sanctuary Ranch”. They are breeders and trainers and are fully dedicated to the sale of horses.

Dr. Marsha was in contact with me from December 14th of 2005 to November 16th of 2006. She responded to all of my e-mails respectfully and made it clear right from the start that Gerald Pitts was fired effective on December 31st of 1999 because he was dishonest with them. That made me understand why Gerald Pitts had previously told me: “The problem is Marsha”. I hadn’t understood that much at the time, but it sounded weird to me the fact of Pitts being “Bill” manager and he hadn’t access to him because of Marsha. (See: “Jim Morrison: Ceremony” pages 130 & 134). 

Dr. Marsha became very obsessed of her husband’s rights to privacy and she also feels responsible for him and takes care of him from the very beginning. This is what she told me in response to Pitt’s comments:

“Yes, I am a monster”

Bill and Marsha went through very difficult times. She believed him right from the start and is very proud of who her husband was in the past and who her husband is now. She made special comments in regards to the people who try to reach Bill for a profit due to the irresponsible role of Gerald Pitts who never thought on how difficult the whole thing was and still is for Bill personally. He wanted to be a poet and really wishes the entire world leaves him alone. But somehow he also understands that he made the big mistake of telling Gerald Pitts all about his supposed past so he has to live with that kind of pressure which has turned out stressful and unmanageable. Additionally and to make things even worse and stressful Pitts meets with Cheri Woods, former wife of Pop Star Stevie Woods, and named her his “press contact agent”. Why? Because she is the owner of the building Jim lived in before traveling to Paris. In a letter I received from Cheri, she says:

“Gerald is the closest thing to Jim, having been the one who discovered him, signed him to an exclusive contract, and is his friend who has been to his home on several occasions. As for myself, only by sheer accident I stepped into this situation of owning this Historical building, where Jim last lived prior to going to Paris, and having an Entertainment Industry background myself (actress, Personal manager, ex-wife of an International Pop Star), I had the interest and saw the potential in turning this building into a tourist attraction and opening it up to the public for the first time in history, which I have recently done”.

Cheri Woods helped Pitts to spread the word and started asking for money in exchange of interviews and information. I never gave a cent to them except for the VHS video I bought. 

Here is a picture of "Light My Fire" and "Love Me Two Times" horses Dr. Marsha Mark Loyer sent me: