…Still In Study…
By Adriana Rubio


On December 8th of 2005 Gerald Pitts gave me the number of a woman called Joanne Morrison. I spoke with her two times by telephone and we then were in contact through e-mails for a few days. She introduced herself as Jim Morrison’s daughter and that all what she wants is to be in touch with her father from time to time. But unfortunately Marsha doesn’t want to. Joanne seemed to be a nice person until I found out that she is NOT Jim Morrison’s daughter and that she was “selling information” to people about “Bill” on EBay. Her real name is Opal Joanne Bristow and lives in Missouri. Soon after my findings she apologized and said that Gerald Pitts asked her to do that. Dr. Marsha on her part said that Joanne Morrison called a couple of times and wanted to speak to Bill and said she is his daughter. Joanne and Marsha had an argument on the subject over the telephone and that was the last time Joanne called. She then admitted that it was all part of a show Gerald Pitts asked her to be a part of. Joanne is not Bill’s daughter. However, she did her best to explain how this cowboy lives:

“Marsha is very insecure and when I or anyone else calls, she will either lie and say that isn’t him and give you his fake name as the man living there, or she will say “this isn’t a good time” and hang up on you. He is living a nightmare because of Marsha. He isn’t allowed any phone calls, no visitors; he isn’t allowed to even go outside unless she is present. Someone came to interview him and she made him go downstairs to the basement and hide till they were gone and it upset him bad enough that he put a gun to his head in front of her. Seconds after he took the gun away, it went off. That angered him so he hit her. She called the cops and had this man called “William J. Loyer” arrested. Then she ran down, bonded him out of jail and brought him home”

Joanne then sent me another e-mail saying the following:

“Marsha is a severe control freak. She is a liar and thief and has my dad on a very tight leash as if he were a wild animal!”

The Mail Tribune of Southern Oregon has an Emergency Services section in which they post Felony Arrests. On December 14th of 2004 The Mail Tribune posted the following news:

“Weapons: William James Loyer, 53, of the 1400 block of Antelope Road, Eagle Point. Jackson County sheriff’s deputies Monday arrested Loyer on charges of attempting to use or carry a weapon, pointing a firearm at another person, fourth-degree assault, harassment, menacing and endangering the welfare of another person. He was lodged in the Jackson County Jail, where he was being held Monday in lieu of $24,000 bail”.

As you can see the tale I heard from Joanne is not that crazy. Even though she was asked to lie about being Jim Morrison’s daughter, at least she provided me an accurate picture of the cowboy situation. However, I needed to get the story confirm it once and again on my own.  On August 9th of 2006 I requested Inmate info for William James Loyer to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

They got back to me with the following report:

“Thank you for contacting Oregon Department of Corrections.  Below is the information you requested. On 03/22/05 subject was sentenced to three years Probation for Unlawful Use of a Weapon.  His supervision in Jackson County will expire on 03/21/08.  Below is his Probation Officer's name and number to obtain a picture and current address”.  

CALLAHAL 8/10/06
Offender Public Information
Offender: 13131485 Loyer, William James 
Status: Probation
Location: JACB Jackson County Community Justice Cell
Age: 55
DOB: 12/17/1950
DNA Collected
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5’08’’
Weight: 150 lbs
Field admission date: 03/22/2005
Maximum custody date: 03/21/2008
Caseload 6802 LAIRD, CLINT (541)774-4902
Supervision: LTD
Court Case: 046251DV/01
Code: 003-000-000

This is such precious information confirming that William James Loyer is a real person and that at this stage Joanne’s story matched noticeably.

I then started to analyze Loyer’s date of birth since it is not James Douglas Morrison’s date of birth. We all know Jim Morrison was born on 12/08/1943. I found particularly interesting that according to Loyer’s date of birth he is 7 years younger than Jim Morrison. It is even more interesting to know that Loyer’s date of birth indicates a mixing of numbers that may suggest the real day and month Jim Morrison was born except for the year. But, if we think about “The End” seven miles (lol) and get them off Loyer’s year of birth we get 1943… or if we add seven to Jim’s year of birth we get Loyer’s. Oh! Yes…I know…it’s really CRAZY!

I called Probation Officer Clint Laird and left a voice message. He never called back to me. I had requested a recent picture of William James Loyer and current address since I was not totally sure that he and Marsha really live at JM Sanctuary Ranch in Eagle Point, OR. They travel a lot and use different names and they actually have another address in Huntington Beach, CA and another one in Las Vegas, NE!

I then took a deep look to a report I found on one of Jim’s arrests dated January 28th, 1968 in Las Vegas, NE. Jim Morrison was arrested at the Pussycat’s Go Go in Las Vegas for public drunkenness filed 132938. The officer in charge was Jerry Brown. The file includes Jim Morrison’s fingerprints, height, weight, hair and eyes descriptions. I compared it with the information I got for William James Loyer. Due to age progression height and weight are not exactly the same. However, the differences between one to another are just minimal and possible related to aging. Hair and eyes remain the same. How about doing a fingerprint comparison? 

Let’s now concentrate on the report the Oregon Department of Corrections sent me. It says DNA collected…BINGO! What’s next?

In 2004 Gerald Pitts contacted the Morrison Family Attorney at Law Jeffrey Forer to present “His” Jim Morrison. Pitts mailed a letter to Mr. Forer along with a video, pictures and the agreement he had signed with the supposed Jim Morrison. 

In 2007 I spoke by telephone with Attorney at Law Jeffrey Forer about the supposed living Morrison and provided him with information that was never given by Gerald Pitts. Mr. Forer admitted that this was the first time someone presented him a “case” on Jim Morrison. He and the Morrison Family had heard a lot of stories about Jim over the years in which “sons” of Jim Morrison were included, but they never had the opportunity to see anything like DNA COLLECTED in a report received from a Correctional Facility.

In the meantime and during a big part of my investigation I did my best to keep drummer John Densmore informed about all of the findings through e-mails which I had sent to Tracy Odom of Juvies.net. Most of this took place during the writing process of the book entitled “Jim Morrison: Ceremony”. Densmore seemed to be interested in getting the truth revealed. But after the death of Danny Sugerman he found himself with no energy to receive information related to the cowboy in Oregon anymore. But soon after my conversation with Attorney at Law Jeffrey Forer I sent a letter to The Doors manager Jeffrey Jampol and another one to Jim Morrison’s brother Andrew Morrison to let them know about the information provided to Mr. Forer. At this stage the communication between Dr. Marsha and I had finished.