Still In Study…
By Adriana Rubio

In 1967 Jim Morrison started talking about faking his death to bring media attention onto the band. This sort of speech happened for the first time publicly at the Fillmore in San Francisco. He also had said that he would drop out his rock star identity to become a business man. He then came up with the famous Mr. Mojo Risin anagram which would be eventually used to contact friends in secret…really?  Well, it is known that he told Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins that he could see himself radically changing careers and reappearing as a suited and necked-tied businessman.

“What would happen if I were to suddenly die?
How would it affect business, record sales and the press? Would people believe it?”

What kind of career was he talking about? Turning into a suited and necked-tied businessman? Why would he want to change careers? What did he have in mind? 
Well…go figure!

There is another anagram that came up in 1971 while Jim Morrison was in Paris. He wrote “Jomo and the Smoothies” on a tape in which he and two American friends had recorded a 14 minutes session. This anagram reads as follows: “Mojo Dies at the Moons”.

Frederick Nietzsche used to describe the evolution of man happening as the phases of the moon. The evolution of man Nietzsche spoke about was related to “Superman”. Additionally, he described it as “The Celebration of Life”. So, this anagram may be interpreted as an expression of Jim’s desires to keep his last days in Paris alive as a “Celebration of Life”.

Now, there is another meaning for “Moons” and is associated to secret operations made by the U.S Government in its different military areas. Moons, occult symbols, snakes, starts and dragons among many other words and logos are part of a secret military language. Many of these words are attached to a great number of Greek meanings. It is known Jim Morrison had a vast knowledge on the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, mythology, history, cultures, religions, politics and philosophy among many other subjects in which sciences and drug testing are also included. Most of this knowledge is clearly seen in his poetry and songs. However many of the words have a hidden meaning. Why would he be interested in all of these subjects?

The Moon has been the subject of common legends in ancient times. The Moon was associated with various gods and goddesses. And in contemporary times, the Moon has assumed a main role in Neo-Paganism.

In astrology the Moon represents the inner emotional side of the self. And, at some point it has been identified with a mixture of remarkable behavior patterns known as mental disorders, multiple personalities, lunacy or madness.

Was Jim Morrison becoming lunatic? Was he experiencing fear of changing careers?

Jim had a vast knowledge on mythologies and he could have associated the Moon with “Phobos” the largest and closer of the two Moons planet Mars has. The word “phobia” derives from the Greek word for fear: phobos. Phobia is defined as an excessive and persistent fear of somebody or something. Additionally, to the ancient Greeks Phobos was a deity, the personification of FEAR. It was the son of Ares God Of War. Phobos always escorted his father in battle.

“Do you know we are led to slaughters by placid Admirals?
Jim Morrison

“Jomo and the Smoothies”: “Mojo Dies at the Moons” can be interpreted as a person dying in its different phases or changing as the phases of the Moon.

“The Moon is a dry blood beast”
Jim Morrison

James Douglas Morrison’s father was an Admiral of the US Navy and was privy on classified information pertained to intelligence and counterintelligence. Rear Admiral George Stephen (Steve) Morrison was born on January 7th, 1919 in Georgia and died on November 17th, 2008 at the age of 89. He entered the U.S Naval Academy and soon after his graduation Admiral Morrison went to Pearl Harbor where he served aboard the mine-layer Pruitt. He then witnessed the Japanese attack of December 7th, 1941. During this period he met Clara Clark and married her, and soon after Admiral Morrison was required to go to Florida for flight training in spring of 1943. His eldest son James Douglas Morrison was born on December 8th of 1943 in Clearwater, Florida.

During the last year of World War II in 1945 Admiral Morrison flew combat operations and also during the Korean War. He worked on secret nuclear projects at Los Alamos, New Mexico where “The Manhattan Project” took place. “The Manhattan Project” resulted in the creation of numerous production and research sites operating in secret.  The three main research and production sites of this project were the plutonium-production facility at Richland, WA now known as Hanfor Site,  the uranium-enrichment facilities at Oak Ridge, TN, and the weapons research and design laboratory now recognized as Los Alamos National Laboratory at Los Alamos, NM.

“The Manhattan Project” is known as the project to develop the first atomic weapon during World War II in which the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada worked on from 1939 to 1946. The “Los Alamos” facility was responsible for the final assembly of “Little Boy” nuclear bomb dropped on August 6th, 1945 in Hiroshima; and “Fat Man” nuclear bomb dropped on August 9th, 1945 in Nagasaki.

Rear Admiral George Steve Morrison commanded the fleet of ships in the Tonkin Gulf incident which soon after resulted on the escalation of the Vietnam War. He dealt with a flood of at least 140,000 South Vietnamese refugees after the fall of Saigon in April of 1975. He created a tent city on an uninhabited airfield to provide safe housing to them while waiting for new homes in the United States.