The EP
Jahmings Maccow

EP Review: By Adriana Rubio

Wow! For a writer more inclined to listening to rock music this one was really a revelation to me! Jahmings Maccow is still causing such a shock with his music playing and songwriting style since the early 70’s to the present days.  

It was supposed that I was going to listen to a traditional Reggae style EP and then write a bit about Jamaica and how unfairly this guy went into imitating Bob Marley. Wrong! I found myself listening to this amazing music by Jahmings Maccow, an innovative musician from Anguilla Island who combines reggae and rock styles since decades ago giving the music a Bluesy feel and powerful message.

Jahmings Maccow has a poetry background since his early childhood which he greatly improved throughout the years as a lyricist. Although Jahmings was born in the Caribbean and mainly listened to Reggae amongst other styles such as Blues and Rock, he grew up in America mostly surrounded by the music of Rock Artists, R&B, Blues and Soul. And without a doubt the fusion of all these styles together influenced him significantly.

What you find in Jahmings Maccow music is a mix of well done and memorable Reggae wave sound with Rock riffs and Bluesy solo guitars along with a rhythm bass playing really giving full accent to the singing melodies. Not of this planet, really. I applaud Jahmings for creating such an outstanding style combination. His innovative guitar playing and songwriting style, which shocked out fellow Root Reggae Musicians in the 70’s, sound incredible exceptional in 2012.

“Music is UNITY, LOVE and LIVITY! If you hate your Brother or Sister… look carefully, you’ll see that you hate yourself. If you take you Brother or Sister’s belongings, look carefully and you’ll see that you are only taking from yourself. If JAH didn't Give, you couldn't Have, and if JAH is in You and You in JAH! Then who are you taking from? Didn't JHA Made You in His Image? JAH Do Not Take From Himself or hurt Himself.  So the message is One Love to Everyone”. Jahmings Maccow.