…Still In Study…
By Adriana Rubio


Despite the tales I heard from Joanne and Gerald Pitts, I feel particularly interested in an e-mail I received from Dr. Marsha in which she clearly says something that made my head shake twice!

"We met Gerald Pitts as mutual friends. In the course of a year we determined that he was not honest and forthright with us. He was fired effective December 31st, 1999. We have completely disassociated ourselves from Mr. Pitts and his friends and his family. We have nothing to do with Gerald Pitts! “A Current Affair” representatives came to our home unannounced on three days in a row this past March and were denied interviews or photos. They attempted to take photos from our neighbors’ property. Their June 2005 episode on FOX TV featured Gerald Pitts and made a FARCE of the entire thing! In any case, we have nothing to do with Gerald Pitts! My husband previously had expressed an interest in meeting with Ray Manzarek. Unfortunately, Danny Sugerman (now deceased) interfered with that in 1996”.

As I previously said, Dr. Marsha and William James Loyer met for the first time in 1995 and according to what she said; both went through difficult times. Although she wasn’t specific on the kind of difficulties they went through, the whole thing suggests that her husband was determined to reveal the truth to Ray Manzarek in 1996. And, apparently he was stopped by The Doors manager Danny Sugerman. Why?

In 2001 Ray Manzarek published “The Poet in Exile” a novel that deals with a fictional reunion with the dead rock star Jim Morrison suggesting that he faked his death and was living in an Island. Why Ray Manzarek wrote this story? Did Danny Sugerman reveal to Ray that meeting request?

The e-mails I received from Joanne Morrison (Opal Joanne Bristow) and the stories Gerald Pitts said, made me put things into balance and I managed to get them divided. Firstly, as Gerald Pitts said: “It’s a billion dollars story”. It is clear enough this man is doing all this for profit without taking a look to what might be behind. Secondly, Gerald Pitts while trying to break the news and fill his pockets made efforts to reveal how this cowboy is treated by Dr. Marsha… suggesting that William James Loyer isn’t allowed any phone calls, no visitors and that he isn’t allowed to even go outside unless Dr. Marsha is present… What’s going on here?

Below are the most relevant e-mails I received from Dr. Marsha from December 2005 to November 2006. The communication was fluent and on a regular basis. But I’m only sharing here some of those e-mails in chronological order:

December 14th, 2005
“Dear Adriana,
This is just a letter to let you know that we received your e-mail.  We met Gerald Pitts through mutual friends.  In the course of a year we determined that he was not HONEST and forthright with us. He was FIRED effective December 31, 1999.  He had stated he was a producer. He has misrepresented that he was my husband's AGENT! It is a conflict of interest to be a producer and an agent”. 

“We have completely disassociated ourselves from Mr. Pitts and his friends and family. They have not appreciated us or our best interests. If Gerald thinks I am a monster that is because I have insulated my husband and family from him.  It is our opinion that he has delusions of grandeur.  He does not appear to have any business sense and certainly does not know how to be a friend”.

“A Current Affair representative came to our home unannounced on three days in a row this past March and were denied interviews or photos.  They attempted to take photos from our neighbors property.  If we had been approached nicely, we might have complied”. 

“In any case, WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GERALD PITTS!   We have our small Sanctuary Ranch here and quietly raise registered paint and Arabian horses to keep us going physically and emotionally.  We have both been through difficult times and appreciate the solitude”.

“My husband plans to write his own book”.
Most sincerely yours,
Dr. Marsha F. Mark – Loyer”

December 15th, 2005
“Dear Adriana,
Thank you for your letters. Gerald is really something to think that he has a “FOREVER” contract -He is not to be trusted- The last time he was invited to our home was July 2001…five years ago”.

“We did receive a telephone call December 7th from a woman who stated that she was Jim’s daughter, Joanne. He refused to talk with her and told me he had no recollection of her. When I told her this, she responded with such foul language men in a bar would cover their ears. I told that we don’t talk to people using f-----language and hung up on her”.

“It is interesting how many people want to profit from someone and do not really care about them. It is interesting that John Densmore had a fight to protect the original DOORS name and material- Good for him. We have been unaware of managers and agents and the like. It has been interesting to read what others say about someone when they think he is dead and out of the picture!

“Just go and help with more poopy duty in the barn.
Dr. Marsha F. Mark – Loyer”

(If Gerald Pitts was fired effective December 31st, 1999, why would they invite him to enter home again in July 2001? I still wonder why? Dr. Marsha never replied to that question).

December 28th, 2005
“Dear Adriana,
Your information was interesting. Joanne called back and said that Gerald Pitts told her to say that she was my husband’s daughter. She apologized. For SIX years. We have not seen, spoken to or associated with Gerald Pitts. His VHS/DVD is unauthorized and unapproved. It is a rip-off & clearly a 4th grader could do a better job, in my opinion.
Again, have a happy new year!
Dr. Marsha Loyer”

May 1st, 2006
“Hi Adriana,
You bring up many things in your last e-mail. You need to know that Gerald Pitts has never been my husband’s agent or producer! Gerald has misrepresented himself and put together a movie short that was to have been presented to legitimate Hollywood people to back a movie called “Redeemed” based upon a shoot-out that occurred in 1995 at his home. Instead, Gerald disappointed countless people and has gone his own way to use material he obtained by subterfuge. He is selling his “Discovery” video without approval or permission. It is totally unauthorized. It is so poorly done most people think it is a hoax. This has been going on since 1999 when we wrote Gerald to leave us alone, not to visit us, not to call us and not to write us. Twice since July 2002 he was notified that he was trespassing and told to leave. The Sheriffs are aware. My husband asked me to tell you that he will not talk to anyone. He is upset that Gerald has given out our telephone number and even our address. We have had drunks call us repeatedly and someone even come to our home stating Gerald sent him to talk. That man kept shouting at our house for my husband to come out and talk to him! I told him that this was a private property and that he should leave or I would call the Sheriffs. Our privacy is so important to us. We have never received any letters or books from you via Gerald.
My husband told me to tell you that he would be interested to read JM Ceremony. He said he would have to read it and decide about making any corrections or giving any information”

“We recently received a phone call from a man in “Chicago----Indiana area”. Chicago is in Illinois. I said, “Hello”. He asked. “Is this Marsha?” I answered yes. He went on to tell me that he is distributing and selling the video on E-bay and several other things. He had no idea that we had disassociated ourselves from Gerald in 1999!”

“Every time a vehicle pulls up in front of our home, our dogs alert and we pray that whoever will just leave. It is living in seclusion and being afraid of bombardment from paparazzi. In March 2005, Gerald actually had a team from Fox “A Current Affair” come to our home----------unannounced with camera man, sound man and the reporter. They wanted to interview my husband with no compensation. They were informed that my husband refused to see them for nothing! My husband stayed indoors. They returned a second day, and the “reporter” returned on his own and went up a ravine up onto our neighbor’s property and stood behind a tree with camera. Our dogs let us know. My husband spotted him and stayed indoors”.

“I called the neighbors and the man was asked to leave. “A Current Affair” aired a piece which showed Gerald and made the whole thing look stupid-----even stating more elusive than BIGFOOT.
Got to go---dinner time

June 2nd, 2006
“Hi Adriana,
The address you have for us is correct. You may have your book sent to William James Loyer and he will be pleasantly surprised. I did leave a phone message at your publisher’s number after your call, which our message machine took. I’m sorry, but I haven’t checked my e-mail for weeks”.

“We have been quite busy here. This morning, JM Light My Fire was gelded by the veterinarian. He was 1 year old on May 30 and is a registered half Arabian out of our golden palomino stud. We are expecting four foals in the next few weeks and months”.

“It’s raining and gloomy here.----But summer will be soon.
Take care and health and happiness to you and your family.

June 21st, 2006
“Hi Adriana,
We received the book in the mail on Friday. Jim’s first comment was that he liked the cover! He has not read it yet but a friend and I read him excerpts regarding Gerald and Cheri. You asked Gerald very good questions which he couldn’t answer-----because he has proved not to be our friend. He is definitely not an agent, manager, etc. He misused material for his own benefit and grandiosity”.

“We are in the process of some ranch spring cleanup. We are expecting 2 more foals by July 6 and another later in the summer. This week is very busy since we are splitting a pasture to make room in the barn”.

“You might be interested to know that several weeks ago Ray Manzarek performed in Grants Pass, Oregon with a guitarist at a theatre one hour from our home. I called the theatre and spoke to the manager. I was told “are you the folks in Eagle Point?” I left our phone number for Ray. He didn’t call. We do not have numbers or addresses of the other Doors---they are unlisted. Jim would like to speak to John!”

“My husband says to tell you that Gerald is not his agent or manager or promoter!

We do not receive money from Gerald!
We do not accept phone calls from Gerald!
We do not allow Gerald on our property!
We do not pay attention to his idiotic mail!

My husband tells me that when he writes his book, we shall have plenty of money! ALSO, my husband says, “You are welcome to come to visit us at our home!” He said he might even sing for you!
Dr. Marsha F. Mark, M.D
Mrs. Marsha F. Mark – Loyer”

June 28th, 2006
“Hi Adriana,
I read your book pretty much cover to cover today. I told my husband about a lot of things and he remarked that it really is a “different” book. It is impossible to guess his actual experiences, but he did appreciate how courageous you were to try”.

“The comments by people you interviewed were very, very interesting. The one I like the best was by Dennis King. He sounded very honest and without an agenda of promoting himself. I wondered if some of the people cited had actually experienced what they maintained”.

“My husband states that he would like to critique your book for you, but he would first like to do his OWN BOOK”.

“It might interest you that we shall have a classified advertisement in Variety Daily on June 30. It announces the Jim Morrison Sanctuary Ranch First Horse Sale on Sunday July 16 from 1 – 5 PM. We are featuring our blue-eyed golden palomino (American Paint Horse Breeders Trust Futurity nominated) out of our Socket bred mare. Also noted are 2 APHA/AHR half Arabian closely matched pintos that are siblings by pedigree. We also have Bask/Egyptian related Arabians: black, gray and chestnut. Several nicely trained trail geldings will also be offered”.

“We realize that Argentina has terrific horses. Have you seen the movie “Hidalgo”? Our Socket bred mare looks like him but she has 2 blue eyes. It is my understanding that blue eyes are peculiar to the American Paint Horses. These are horses with white markings on their sides, on their legs above the knees, or across their back or necks”.

“I know that they have imported American Paint Horses to Brazil. Prized imports have sold for as much as $30,000.00 dollars. The one featured in the Paint Horse Journal was a more common colored white and sorrel tobiano color pattern. The overo color pattern is found in less than 30 percent. Most paint horses are black and white or sorrel (brown) and white. We have specifically bred for the golden palomino color with blue eyes and overo pattern. The half Arabian paint pinto babies are white with the brown spots and tobiano color pattern. One is named JM Light My Fire (a gelding); and the other is JM Lovemme Two Times (a filly)”.

“I thought I’d give you the courtesy of letting you know about our First sale. As you can imagine, Gerald Pitts and Cheri Woods know nothing about this and have absolutely no business with us. They are simple using Jim to line their pockets”.

“At least your book is a studied and honest effort to explore a different aspect of Jim Morrison----even if it is based on a variety of conflicted stories about actual and perceived events. I applaud you for your efforts as a journalist and your attempt to seek the truth. Again, thank you for the book. If you are in the US, perhaps you can visit with us”.

“Now you know more about horses. They have a wonderful healing quality when you work with them daily.
I’ve got to go now!
Most sincerely.
Dr. Marsha F. Mark – Loyer”

June 30th, 2006
“Hi Adriana,
We are waiting for the news in Variety Daily (Hollywood edition) to be digested by the public tomorrow!
I am very proud of my husband for not only who he was, but who he has become. I shall tell you that he is clean, sober and quit smoking cigarettes! We love our family and our horses, dogs, bunnies, lovebirds, turtle, and cat (one hasn’t been seen for weeks)”.

“Oh----this morning my husband caught a 6 inch rattlesnake with his hands. He wanted to know if I wanted to hold it. Are you kidding! He got rid of it!!!!! We have had Burmese pythons in the past, raised from 2 foot babies. After 9 years, one caught pneumonia and died despite antibiotics. The other was donated to a local zoo. It was 100 pounds and took 4 people to carry it to its new habitat. It had outgrown our big 300 gallon terrarium. Boys and their pet snakes!”

“Our Arabian mare “Lady” is due in a week, but her appearance and behaviour she might deliver tonight. It will be a long night…..In fact, it’s time to go out to the barn and check on her”.

“We shall be selecting a publisher after the news breaks and offers come to us.

November 20th, 2006
“Dear Adriana,
I haven’t checked my e-mail for several weeks. Thank you for your concern and prayers for my husband. We are just trying to get by “one day at a time”. We had wonderful news: the lab test showed my husband’s liver infection was undetectable. He is very, very sick from the flu-like and other symptoms associated with the daily medication. His mood has its ups and downs. Being inside and resting most of the time isn’t his choice of lifestyle. He would much rather be up and around tending to our horses, bringing in wood for our stove, tending to the ranch, enjoying his hobbies and visiting grandchildren. I hope you and your family is enjoying health and happiness as we approach the Christmas season and New Year.

This was the last time I heard from Dr. Marsha. A month prior to her last e-mail I had received information on William James Loyer Probation Status, so I decided to tell her about it and that I was determined to find the truth whether her husband is the real James Douglas Morrison or not. Additionally I told her that if her husband was not able to speak to anyone or write to anyone, he should know that fingerprints or DNA will. I also said that if he wanted to be left alone he should have thought twice before telling “his” story to Gerald Pitts or to whoever that might have listened to. If he faked his death for whatever the hell the reasons were, he should have remained silent.

In March of 2007 Florida Governor Charlie Christ received a petition by the DCM and The Doors fans requesting James Douglas Morrison’s record be cleared of the 1969 charges. According to what has been reported Governor Christ is seriously considering pardoning Jim Morrison and said:

“He died when he was 27. That's really a kid, when you think about it, and obviously he was having some challenges. There's some dispute about how solid the case was”

Gerald Pitts had mentioned the so called “Miami Incident” as one of the reasons for “his” Jim Morrison not to reappear publicly since he is afraid of being sent to jail. Really? According to the law after seven years of the supposed death the case is considered “off”. In this case almost 38 years have passed after the Jim Morrison alleged death. What is he afraid of? There’s something else…




…Still In Study…
By Adriana Rubio


On December 8th of 2005 Gerald Pitts gave me the number of a woman called Joanne Morrison. I spoke with her two times by telephone and we then were in contact through e-mails for a few days. She introduced herself as Jim Morrison’s daughter and that all what she wants is to be in touch with her father from time to time. But unfortunately Marsha doesn’t want to. Joanne seemed to be a nice person until I found out that she is NOT Jim Morrison’s daughter and that she was “selling information” to people about “Bill” on EBay. Her real name is Opal Joanne Bristow and lives in Missouri. Soon after my findings she apologized and said that Gerald Pitts asked her to do that. Dr. Marsha on her part said that Joanne Morrison called a couple of times and wanted to speak to Bill and said she is his daughter. Joanne and Marsha had an argument on the subject over the telephone and that was the last time Joanne called. She then admitted that it was all part of a show Gerald Pitts asked her to be a part of. Joanne is not Bill’s daughter. However, she did her best to explain how this cowboy lives:

“Marsha is very insecure and when I or anyone else calls, she will either lie and say that isn’t him and give you his fake name as the man living there, or she will say “this isn’t a good time” and hang up on you. He is living a nightmare because of Marsha. He isn’t allowed any phone calls, no visitors; he isn’t allowed to even go outside unless she is present. Someone came to interview him and she made him go downstairs to the basement and hide till they were gone and it upset him bad enough that he put a gun to his head in front of her. Seconds after he took the gun away, it went off. That angered him so he hit her. She called the cops and had this man called “William J. Loyer” arrested. Then she ran down, bonded him out of jail and brought him home”

Joanne then sent me another e-mail saying the following:

“Marsha is a severe control freak. She is a liar and thief and has my dad on a very tight leash as if he were a wild animal!”

The Mail Tribune of Southern Oregon has an Emergency Services section in which they post Felony Arrests. On December 14th of 2004 The Mail Tribune posted the following news:

“Weapons: William James Loyer, 53, of the 1400 block of Antelope Road, Eagle Point. Jackson County sheriff’s deputies Monday arrested Loyer on charges of attempting to use or carry a weapon, pointing a firearm at another person, fourth-degree assault, harassment, menacing and endangering the welfare of another person. He was lodged in the Jackson County Jail, where he was being held Monday in lieu of $24,000 bail”.

As you can see the tale I heard from Joanne is not that crazy. Even though she was asked to lie about being Jim Morrison’s daughter, at least she provided me an accurate picture of the cowboy situation. However, I needed to get the story confirm it once and again on my own.  On August 9th of 2006 I requested Inmate info for William James Loyer to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

They got back to me with the following report:

“Thank you for contacting Oregon Department of Corrections.  Below is the information you requested. On 03/22/05 subject was sentenced to three years Probation for Unlawful Use of a Weapon.  His supervision in Jackson County will expire on 03/21/08.  Below is his Probation Officer's name and number to obtain a picture and current address”.  

CALLAHAL 8/10/06
Offender Public Information
Offender: 13131485 Loyer, William James 
Status: Probation
Location: JACB Jackson County Community Justice Cell
Age: 55
DOB: 12/17/1950
DNA Collected
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5’08’’
Weight: 150 lbs
Field admission date: 03/22/2005
Maximum custody date: 03/21/2008
Caseload 6802 LAIRD, CLINT (541)774-4902
Supervision: LTD
Court Case: 046251DV/01
Code: 003-000-000

This is such precious information confirming that William James Loyer is a real person and that at this stage Joanne’s story matched noticeably.

I then started to analyze Loyer’s date of birth since it is not James Douglas Morrison’s date of birth. We all know Jim Morrison was born on 12/08/1943. I found particularly interesting that according to Loyer’s date of birth he is 7 years younger than Jim Morrison. It is even more interesting to know that Loyer’s date of birth indicates a mixing of numbers that may suggest the real day and month Jim Morrison was born except for the year. But, if we think about “The End” seven miles (lol) and get them off Loyer’s year of birth we get 1943… or if we add seven to Jim’s year of birth we get Loyer’s. Oh! Yes…I know…it’s really CRAZY!

I called Probation Officer Clint Laird and left a voice message. He never called back to me. I had requested a recent picture of William James Loyer and current address since I was not totally sure that he and Marsha really live at JM Sanctuary Ranch in Eagle Point, OR. They travel a lot and use different names and they actually have another address in Huntington Beach, CA and another one in Las Vegas, NE!

I then took a deep look to a report I found on one of Jim’s arrests dated January 28th, 1968 in Las Vegas, NE. Jim Morrison was arrested at the Pussycat’s Go Go in Las Vegas for public drunkenness filed 132938. The officer in charge was Jerry Brown. The file includes Jim Morrison’s fingerprints, height, weight, hair and eyes descriptions. I compared it with the information I got for William James Loyer. Due to age progression height and weight are not exactly the same. However, the differences between one to another are just minimal and possible related to aging. Hair and eyes remain the same. How about doing a fingerprint comparison? 

Let’s now concentrate on the report the Oregon Department of Corrections sent me. It says DNA collected…BINGO! What’s next?

In 2004 Gerald Pitts contacted the Morrison Family Attorney at Law Jeffrey Forer to present “His” Jim Morrison. Pitts mailed a letter to Mr. Forer along with a video, pictures and the agreement he had signed with the supposed Jim Morrison. 

In 2007 I spoke by telephone with Attorney at Law Jeffrey Forer about the supposed living Morrison and provided him with information that was never given by Gerald Pitts. Mr. Forer admitted that this was the first time someone presented him a “case” on Jim Morrison. He and the Morrison Family had heard a lot of stories about Jim over the years in which “sons” of Jim Morrison were included, but they never had the opportunity to see anything like DNA COLLECTED in a report received from a Correctional Facility.

In the meantime and during a big part of my investigation I did my best to keep drummer John Densmore informed about all of the findings through e-mails which I had sent to Tracy Odom of Juvies.net. Most of this took place during the writing process of the book entitled “Jim Morrison: Ceremony”. Densmore seemed to be interested in getting the truth revealed. But after the death of Danny Sugerman he found himself with no energy to receive information related to the cowboy in Oregon anymore. But soon after my conversation with Attorney at Law Jeffrey Forer I sent a letter to The Doors manager Jeffrey Jampol and another one to Jim Morrison’s brother Andrew Morrison to let them know about the information provided to Mr. Forer. At this stage the communication between Dr. Marsha and I had finished. 




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By Johnny Bacolas
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“Ophelia” is a fictional character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. This obscure character inspired INK singer Chris Tsantalis to write the lyrics.

“The song is about the dark side of love showing Ophelia as the drama queen who drags you into her vortex and you struggle to jump back and see the light again”. (Chris Tsantalis)

“We tried to give a cinematic feel to a dramatic story, looking through the alleys of pain for the path of redemption and the stairs of atonement”. (INK Official Press Release).

This drama queen I’ve heard you loved those days
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My heart laid in your altar,
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You’ve touched the womb and tried to plant the rose
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“Ophelia” the new single & video clip by INK are expected to be released on February 14th, 2012.

Video Director: Savvas Karabalasis

Studios: 3D Cor Alexandroupolis

Lyrics by Chris Tsantalis

Music by Kostas Apostolopoulos

Cello by Brian Gunter

String Arrangements by Johnny Bacolas

Produced by Johnny Bacolas

Engineered by Johnny Bacolas

Mixed by Jonathan Plum and Johnny Bacolas at London Bridge Studio, Seattle, WA where bands such as Mother Love Bone, Temple Of The Dog, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains among others, recorded memorable albums. On his part, Johnny Bacolas is a well known Seattle-based musician, composer, producer and videographer. He was a member of “Alice N’Chains”, a precursor of Alice In Chains. 

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…Still In Study…
By Adriana Rubio


A few months before the release date of the book entitled “Jim Morrison: Ceremony”, my publisher and I had contacted Kerry Humpherys of “The Doors Collectors Magazine” to place the upcoming title for sale at his famous site. As soon as the book was officially published we mailed him a copy. He wrote back to me saying the following:

“Gerald Pitts and his fake friend are an obvious scam. It was obvious to me and everybody else I’ve talked to about the topic. Several newsletters ago, I warned Doors fans about him and his scam. I even sent a letter to Ray. The Doors chose to do nothing about it. I don’t think anyone should give him the time of day (obviously neither did The Doors) especially on the scale you did… I e-mailed the director of “A Current Affair” TV Show the exact same sentiments when I was told by a researcher for the TV Show that they were doing a story on Pitts. Giving media attention to crack pots just encourages them and others to lie”.

Wow! What a nice guy! First off I’m not a liar. I never said the Cowboy in Oregon is the real Jim Morrison. As an investigative journalist I was just following the steps to discover the truth whether this guy is the real one or not. On the other hand and to be very honest the events that surrounded Jim Morrison death are very hard to believe. Who can believe such a bunch of inconsistencies?

The Oregon Cowboy is William James Loyer and lives in Eagle Point, OR with his wife Dr. Marsha Fillhart Mark Loyer. They met for the first time in 1995 and from that moment on they became one. Marsha is a retired doctor from Hawaii and was married to Dr. Mark in the past. The ex couple have a daughter who unfortunately was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis.

William James Loyer is known in Eagle Point as “Bill”. He and Dr. Marsha have a ranch named “JM Sanctuary Ranch”. They are breeders and trainers and are fully dedicated to the sale of horses.

Dr. Marsha was in contact with me from December 14th of 2005 to November 16th of 2006. She responded to all of my e-mails respectfully and made it clear right from the start that Gerald Pitts was fired effective on December 31st of 1999 because he was dishonest with them. That made me understand why Gerald Pitts had previously told me: “The problem is Marsha”. I hadn’t understood that much at the time, but it sounded weird to me the fact of Pitts being “Bill” manager and he hadn’t access to him because of Marsha. (See: “Jim Morrison: Ceremony” pages 130 & 134). 

Dr. Marsha became very obsessed of her husband’s rights to privacy and she also feels responsible for him and takes care of him from the very beginning. This is what she told me in response to Pitt’s comments:

“Yes, I am a monster”

Bill and Marsha went through very difficult times. She believed him right from the start and is very proud of who her husband was in the past and who her husband is now. She made special comments in regards to the people who try to reach Bill for a profit due to the irresponsible role of Gerald Pitts who never thought on how difficult the whole thing was and still is for Bill personally. He wanted to be a poet and really wishes the entire world leaves him alone. But somehow he also understands that he made the big mistake of telling Gerald Pitts all about his supposed past so he has to live with that kind of pressure which has turned out stressful and unmanageable. Additionally and to make things even worse and stressful Pitts meets with Cheri Woods, former wife of Pop Star Stevie Woods, and named her his “press contact agent”. Why? Because she is the owner of the building Jim lived in before traveling to Paris. In a letter I received from Cheri, she says:

“Gerald is the closest thing to Jim, having been the one who discovered him, signed him to an exclusive contract, and is his friend who has been to his home on several occasions. As for myself, only by sheer accident I stepped into this situation of owning this Historical building, where Jim last lived prior to going to Paris, and having an Entertainment Industry background myself (actress, Personal manager, ex-wife of an International Pop Star), I had the interest and saw the potential in turning this building into a tourist attraction and opening it up to the public for the first time in history, which I have recently done”.

Cheri Woods helped Pitts to spread the word and started asking for money in exchange of interviews and information. I never gave a cent to them except for the VHS video I bought. 

Here is a picture of "Light My Fire" and "Love Me Two Times" horses Dr. Marsha Mark Loyer sent me:





Courtesy of Rob Saunders
DEUCE Management

"Paint This Town" video  by "The Fuse" was made by In-Vision TV who have worked with the likes of Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Keane and Crowded House to name but a small few.  It was filmed in various parts of London and the live extracts were taken from The Fuse’s gig in Shoreditch on the 27th October 2011.  If you were at the gig, you may even see yourself on it…

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