By Adriana Rubio

Spleen Poetry founding members Marco Branter and Daniel Ramos, originally from Portugal, travelled across the whole country to promote the album as independent artists in 2008. They received very good feedback and that encouraged even more Marco and Daniel to promote the album internationally through the internet. Spleen Poetry is now very well recognized from people all over the world.

“What if…?” the album by Spleen Poetry is an account of deep feelings and emotions in all tracks without exception. The music transports the audience to some kind of magic place while the lead voice harmonizes with beautiful and powerful melodies. There’s no doubt Marco and Daniel share the same passion for music and they use it to communicate with people by expressing their own journey.  Most of the songs’ lyrics are very profound in thought and clear enough for the listener to realize their quest for answers.

Musically the album offers ten tracks very well done with a high level of production and mixing. Although they describe themselves as a Pop/Soft Rock band, the album provides some great folk and country reminiscences with acoustic guitars while rock and pop influences enrich the sound with soft electric guitars.

In early 2010 Spleen Poetry recorded a new single “I won’t give up”. It captured the attention of a huge number of fans especially in the United Kingdom. This song is particularly gifted with an incredible sense of ardent mood. It's not possible to remain insensitive to the music these talented artists create.

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  1. Marco is one great composer and the soul and heart of Spleen Poetry. He will have his place in the world music business. His day will come soon, for shure...