By Adriana Rubio

“All Our Yesterdays” is “Raw Deal” new album recorded at Herbert Media Studio in Coventry, England. Produced by James Plester & Raw Deal with the cooperation of producer assistant Tom Wood. 

Gilles Rawson and Bret Sinclair are “Raw Deal” and together provide 15 tracks for the enjoyment of diverse kinds of audiences. The album is a pure and genuine manifestation of the music they can make: Rock!

Songs like “Anthem For The Doomed Youth”, “Honey, I’m Coming Home Loaded” and “Without Remorse (Eye For an Eye)” are perfect for those who like the hard and heavy styles to jump, play air guitars and head-bang. “Anthem…” is the right song to start a concert with a high dose of adrenaline. It’s also the ideal track for an alarm clock… it will get you off the bed in seconds! And to complete the awakening just play “Honey, I’m Coming Home Loaded”.

There is no doubt Gilles and Bret like the music of Yngwie Malmsteen, AC/DC, Megadeth and Joe Satriani among many others great ones such as Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Green Day and The Ramones.

“All Our Yesterdays” also provides some very well done soft songs for a special encounter, dreamy situation or just to have a great time in solitude and relax listening to great tunes, some of them  with a little bit of Steve Vai guitar style. Songs like “Summer”, “Grey Will Fade”, “All Our Yesterdays” and “Autumn Leaves & The Morning Rain” prove it.

And if you like the dark style or drama plays, you can try “My Chalice” and “Apocalipsticka”. These songs are the right choice for a theatre play. Gilles and Bret work very well together and complement each other in all musical compositions. Gilles sings and follows Bret fabulous lead guitar and riffs with a suitable singing style in each song giving the listener an accurate perception of what the song is about.

1. Grey Will Fade
2. All Our Yesterdays
3. Anthem For The Doomed Youth
4. Summer
5. Honey, I’m Coming Home
6. Autumn Leaves & The Morning Rain
7. Crave
8. Che, You Want a Revolution
9. Death (The Time Of Your Life)
10. Grey Will Fade (reprise)
11. T.H.A.T (Token Hidden Album Track)
12. Without Remorse (Eye for an eye)
13. Find me
14. Apocalipsticka
15. My Chalice

Gilles Rawson: Lead & Background Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitar, Harmonica & Mandolin.

Bret Sinclair: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals (Live & Studio) Lead & Rhythm Guitar Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, & Percussion (Studio).

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