The New Single by Ink
By Johnny Bacolas
Photos: Courtesy of Chris Tsantalis-Ink
Lyrics: Used with permission from the copyright owner

“Ophelia” is a fictional character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. This obscure character inspired INK singer Chris Tsantalis to write the lyrics.

“The song is about the dark side of love showing Ophelia as the drama queen who drags you into her vortex and you struggle to jump back and see the light again”. (Chris Tsantalis)

“We tried to give a cinematic feel to a dramatic story, looking through the alleys of pain for the path of redemption and the stairs of atonement”. (INK Official Press Release).

This drama queen I’ve heard you loved those days
She is shooting straight into your heart now
The endless nights you prayed for her to gods
Trading your dreams under the moonlight

Everything for you my dark queen
My heart laid in your altar,
You sacrificed the crown we shared
with dragons in our tower

You’ve touched the womb and tried to plant the rose
in coals you’ve wished for garden flowers
and then Ophelia came to steal her mind
Your world became this frozen palace

Well, I feel free I m a bird inside
The clouds I own for wings and
I hope you’ll clear your own sky too
Goodnight I choose my dreams now
Pandora I closed your box you won’t hurt me anymore…

“Ophelia” the new single & video clip by INK are expected to be released on February 14th, 2012.

Video Director: Savvas Karabalasis

Studios: 3D Cor Alexandroupolis

Lyrics by Chris Tsantalis

Music by Kostas Apostolopoulos

Cello by Brian Gunter

String Arrangements by Johnny Bacolas

Produced by Johnny Bacolas

Engineered by Johnny Bacolas

Mixed by Jonathan Plum and Johnny Bacolas at London Bridge Studio, Seattle, WA where bands such as Mother Love Bone, Temple Of The Dog, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains among others, recorded memorable albums. On his part, Johnny Bacolas is a well known Seattle-based musician, composer, producer and videographer. He was a member of “Alice N’Chains”, a precursor of Alice In Chains. 

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