The New Single by Fretless

Art Cover Picture: Courtesy of ELT Records

ELTRecords proudly announce the release of “We Support The Ride”, the new single by FRETLESS.

“We Support The Ride” is now available on Amazing Tunes featuring “Stand And Deliver”, and “Ride” a song written in support of “AfterDark” racing team for their 2012 campaign in the Ducati 848 Chalenge series.

To purchase "We Support The Ride" the new single by Fretless click on the link below:

Check out the “AfterDark” team at:

ELT Records is a small and helpful label based in Birmingham, UK working hard for unsigned bands. ELT Records’ owner Simon Altham has this to say:

“We give unsigned bands the opportunity to get their music out to a wide audience. We work with a great Swedish rock/metal band from Gothenburg called “Fretless”, and we are also working as UK agents to “Phantom-X”, a band from Texas”.  

For further info on ELT Records: www.eltrecords.com