From the Jim Morrison Manual Case
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 …Still in study…
By Adriana Rubio

Soon after the publication of the book entitled “Jim Morrison: Ceremony” in June of 2005, I continued working on the mysterious death of James Douglas Morrison and the tale of the Oregon Cowboy.
The investigation started with the story of Gerald Pitts and “His” Jim Morrison, the one who affirms to have discovered the Lizard King in the Pacific Northwest without even knowing who The Doors members are. Although Gerald Pitts did his best to cooperate for the “Ceremony” book back in 2005 with a number of interviews, he couldn’t answer much of the questions and was always more concerned in making-up stories than in providing an interview with “His” Jim Morrison.

I listened to all the tapes minute after minute for several weeks and as if they were little pieces of a BIG puzzle, I reached out the right words I needed to get the false French name “HIS” Morrison lives under. And, on December 14th of 2005 I got in touch for the first time and on my own with the supposed Jim Morrison and his wife. This event made Gerald Pitts very angry at me. He called my publisher and left a message saying:

“You are NEVER to call him again”.

In some way I was a bit lucky for being in touch with “this” Jim Morrison and his wife, but the doubts of who this man is are still present and, for a long time, I felt like in a crossroad. This turned out more difficult when his wife notified me that her husband was in a serious health condition due to a chemotherapy treatment. According to her, he was facing this treatment for the second time because of an old illness which she didn’t specify it as cancer but a “liver illness”.

Around 2007 a new book about Jim Morrison came out in French language authored by Sam Bernnett, a former manager of the famous pub “Rock and Roll Circus” situated in Paris. A place Jim Morrison visited often during his stay in France. Bernnett came out the closet 36 years later saying that Jim Morrison died of a “heroin overdose” at the pub toilet and that Jim’s body was then moved by two drug dealers to the apartment where he was found “dead” by Pamela Courson.  How did Bernnett know Jim Morrison died of heroin overdose?  How did he know “heroin” was present if neither autopsy was performed nor toxicology tests were done?

Many things have been said about Jim Morrison over the years… and the Oregon Cowboy is perhaps the craziest story I have heard. But, is it really that crazy? What is it behind? It’s time to reveal the secrets and all the inconsistencies. Don’t let them believe that you are eating all the garbage they want you to eat. Stop thoughts control!

I’m studying the case the best way I can since 2004 and I will share here the information I consider most relevant step by step in separate articles. To start with I want to make clear that I have NO proofs to affirm that the Oregon Cowboy is the real James Douglas Morrison, but I have collected evidence that can lead to get the truth once and for all.


On August 11th, 1971 the American Embassy in Paris, France made a report on the death of James Douglas Morrison. It is entitled “Report of the Death of an American Citizen”. This report was sent to Jim Morrison’s father Rear Admiral George Stephen (Steve) Morrison. However, it took 13 years to get this report signed and finished by Secretary of State George P. Shultz on February 17th, 1984!

This document also makes clear that Jim Morrison’s remains can be disinterred at any time upon the request of nearest relatives or legal representatives of the estate. Let’s concentrate now on the events prior to the supposed death of Jim Morrison:

1-Jim Morrison lost his passport along with all his identity cards and personal documents at Marseilles Airport. He and Pam had to come back to Paris to apply for a new one at the US Embassy in Paris, France. After a short period of time, Jim’s old passport was found at the airport where he lost it and got it back. This is the passport that was sent to his father: US passport number J900083, issued at Los Angeles, California on August 7th, 1968.

Did Jim Morrison apply for a “New Passport” or for an “Emergency Passport”? There is a big difference between them. When applying for a new passport you are required to present documentation to prove your identity. And, according to what it has been said over the years Jim Morrison lost his passport together with personal documentation at Marseilles Airport. How could he get his identity verified? 

Now, if Jim asked for an “Emergency Passport”; it might have been different. Although it is a requirement to present documentation to prove anyone’s identity, he should have filled the “Lost Passport Form” which in fact proves that he already had a passport so he proved his identity without presenting any ID cards or documentations. However, his lost reported passport should have been cancelled immediately; it means the very same day of reporting it lost. It didn’t. It was initially reported as cancelled on August 11th of 1971 and was completely over on February 17th of 1984! If we follow the hypothesis of Jim Morrison faking his death on July 3rd of 1971, the “Emergency Passport” allowed Jim to travel anywhere until August 11th of 1971 and/or until February 17th of 1984! Remember that Secretary of State George P. Shultz signed it as terminated in 1984 and testifying as a true copy from the Passport Services, Department of State.

Another important thing to take into account is Jim’s name on the “Emergency Passport”. According to Gerald Pitts from rodeoswest.com, Jim Morrison got it under a French name. How did he do it? Well, I’ve been thinking on this for several months and I got to the conclusion that if Jim Morrison got an “Emergency Passport” it shouldn’t be that difficult to get his name changed because he had his identity already verified to walk onto the next step: filling the “Change of Name Form” and signed it with a French name. Things in this regard have turned different after September 11 of 2001. To get a name changed you must prove your identity first and no matter how many passports renewals you have had in the past.

2-Jim Morrison met with two Americans and recorded a 14 minutes session. He wrote “Jomo and the Smoothies” on the tape box and put it into a plastic bag together with two reels, some pictures, a notebook filled with poems, an article titled “Morrison Hotel Revisited” written by Patricia Kennealy for the “Jazz & Pop” magazine, an interview with film director Jean-Luc Godard and an official press kit pictures from Elektra Records. This plastic bag was kept by a Jim’s friend Philippe until 1993. He made copies to give away to fans after a concert celebrating Jim Morrison’s 50th birthday. Some time later, a bootleg CD appeared in Canada as “The Lost Paris Tapes”. In 1995 a German fan bought the original tapes for ten thousand dollars.

If Jim Morrison had plans to fake his death, he was just simple following the steps to be remembered as a poet, so he left the plastic bag on purpose. Even though his friend Philippe reminded him about the plastic bag, Jim said he would take it later instead of spending one minute walking back and take it. And, by the way “Jomo and the Smoothies” is an interesting anagram to talk about: “Mojo dies at the Moons”. This anagram was never mentioned.

In the Voodoo chapter of the “Jim Morrison: Ceremony” book, page 69, it is discussed “Mr. Mojo Risin” as an anagram of Jim Morrison name and it is also explained in detail the word “Mojo” as a bag where  shamans, sorcerers, medicine men and Voodoo Priests keep their healing and magician tools.

Now, “Jomo and the Smoothies”, another anagram made by Jim Morrison, contains once and again the word “Mojo”. Jim Morrison knew well all about shamanism, but he also knew about Nietzsche and others subjects as well. This anagram is discussed in “The Intelligence Circles” section of The Jim Morrison Manual Case.     

3-Jim Morrison phoned drummer John Densmore three weeks before his alleged death.  John is supposed to be the person who disagreed with Jim in some aspects during the time they spent together with The Doors. Despite this, Jim called John Densmore instead of Ray Manzarek. 

Jim knew well enough how to scare people. He had the ability to read people’s minds and John witnessed this happening on many occasions. In the interview I had with John Densmore for the “Ceremony” book he said Jim’s eyes scared him and that sometimes he didn’t know how to deal with that fear. Jim knew about John’s sentiments. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that Jim probably wanted John to remember him with a kind gesture (?). Coincidence or not, the wife of the supposed Jim Morrison in Oregon told me in an e-mail that her husband wanted to talk to John Densmore and asked me for a phone number to reach him. 

4-Jim Morrison mailed a letter to “The Doors” financial administrator Bob Green to ask him for a complete balance of his financial state as he and Pam had decided to stay in Paris for a longer period of time. Morrison also asked for a credit card for him and Pam and a current account of three thousands dollars to be spent on the house expenses. According to what it was reported Bob Green received the letter on July 3rd, 1971, just the day Jim supposedly died.

If Jim was planning to disappear with an “Emergency Passport”, no matter which name was in. He was still the same “identified” person since he was filed with the same passport number. This might have allowed him to use credit cards and make any bank transactions. Keep in mind that the so called “Lost Passport” was officially over in 1984! This means that the “Emergency Passport” was over too in 1984.

5-Jim Morrison had wrote a number of letters to Patricia Kennealy during his stay in Paris, and in his last letter he apparently revealed that he was tired of Paris and that he could only breathe lies in the air. According to Kennealy, she will publish all of these letters along with the poems Jim Morrison wrote to her without having to ask for permission to the Morrison Estate in a book entitled “Fire Heart” in 2021.

I personally don’t buy this story. She introduced herself as “The Lizard Queen” so I think the whole thing is linked to the release of the New World Order.

6-Jim Morrison visited the Père Lachaise Cemetery with an unknown friend. He is supposed to have said that he wanted to be buried in that place. And, he is supposedly buried there. If he wanted to be remembered as a poet, the Père Lachaise Cemetery was the perfect place to bury a poet not a rock star.