-The CD Album-
A passionate journey through the magical fingers of intense Guitar Playing!
Article By Adriana Rubio
Photographs: Courtesy of Eric Stadler 
“Stormbringer” is the CD Album by guitar virtuoso Eric Stadler from St. Louis, MO, a multi-faceted musician becoming an exclusive act to share stages with world class guitarists you have listened to over the years.  

“Stormbringer” is 13 track CD filled with tremendous instrumental compositions which guide the listener to a passionate journey through the magical fingers of Eric’s intense guitar playing and virtuosity.

Eric Stadler has played and recorded all the instruments on the CD, and he graciously lists the instruments and explains some of the composition- recording process.

“Yes, I played all instruments on the CD, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard (piano, strings, chorale, pads, and a slight section of demented horns) bass guitar, drum programming, a piece of old driftwood and even a rusty fork! I am seriously considering switching over to playing the rusty fork as my main instrument. It has an angelic quality to it that surpasses all sounds; imagined or otherwise. The tones seem to come straight from the heavens above us in the Cloud-City some call HAVONA”. (Laughs!)

 “The composition process was usually in the order of melody (lead), bass-line, rhythms, midi and keys, and lastly the old tree bark and beloved rusty metal fork. But sometimes the order was completely different depending on how my muse appeared to me… demon or angel....God or Goddess”.

“Stormbringer” is undoubtedly an epic metal album which mysteriously reveals the master’s feelings to the extremes while transporting the listener to possible a sacred place where it is displayed the passion for music combined with impressive rhythm and lead guitars, plus the precious treasure of an exquisite technique. This master piece also features lead work by world respected guitarist Gary Hoey on track 7 titled "Catastrophic Prophecy"


  • ·        Beyond The Gate
  • ·        AntiHero
  • ·        Inferno
  • ·        Paradise Lost(intro)
  • ·        StormBringer
  • ·        Brothers In Blood
  • ·        Catastrophic Prophecy(featuring Gary Hoey)
  • ·        Somnius
  • ·        The Forging
  • ·        Dark Divide
  • ·        Leviathan
  • ·        Catharsis of Obscurity
  • ·        Source 13

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