The New EP By TKG
To Be Released Worldwide
On March 4TH, 2015
Courtesy of TKG

Review By Adriana Rubio

TKG is Guitar Virtuoso Theodore Kalantzakos Group, a brothers’ trio metal-fusion-jazz band from Athens, Greece. Theodore and his TKG band have played a vast number of venues across Europe since 2007 to the present days.

In a recent interview with Theodore, he openly gave us some interesting clues on TKG upcoming EP “Rise From The Ground”.

“TKG new EP counts with 3 new compositions with ambient textures and ethnic/world elements as I made an extended use of fretless guitar in these recordings. Fretless guitar is a great instrument for making world/ethnic music. It tends to become my main instrument”.
For readers not yet familiar with fretless guitars, here is a brief explanation to get the essentials of what it is about so you can then appreciate even more the guitar playing style, sound and technique of Theodore Kalantzakos.

The beauty of playing a fretless guitar is the range of sounds the guitarist can create during the composition process. This is highly linked to freedom, the freedom of creating sounds outside the Western music scale since frets are not there spacing strings.  

The freedom a fretless guitar provides is also useful for composers who are particularly attracted to play the exotic scales as well as ethnic-world sounds that are not the same when trying to reproduce them on a fretted guitar.

Playing a fretless guitar requires real practice to truly reach the goal of producing the fretless sound while playing. The guitarist’s fingers perform fluidly “like” sliding the precious notes to please the listener’s ears with the “unique” warm sound.

“Rise From The Ground” transports the listener to a scenario where the music sounds like a warm invitation to fly.

“Our desires are the gravity in our dreams. They look like ropes which hold a hot air balloon. Humans are born with their feet on earth and their hearts facing the sky. We wish we could fly, like planes over the storms of life. Cut your will and rise from the ground…”

Track Listing:

1. Rise from the Ground
2. Night's First Silence
3. Hot Air Balloon

Bonus Track

4. No Shortcuts (Electro Swing version, based on Antonio Machado’s poetry lines, "Wanderer there is not road, the road is made by walking").

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Famous Fretless Guitar Players are Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Pat Metheny and Adrian Belew amongst some others. Frank Zappa played fretless guitars in the early and mid 70s. So congratulations Guitarist Theodore Kalantzakos on your instrument choice!

The EP By
Outstanding guitar playing!

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