From Adriana Rubio

Hello everyone! I want you to know that after 12 long years, I have deleted my facebook accounts. They've been hacked many times... 

I was tired of changing passwords and deleting - blocking "friends" every day. I'm an independent journalist/writer in the music and film industries and I really do my job the best I can and from above all I do it seriously. Sometimes, the information I deal with is as "horrific as sensitive", it's not for socializing, it's not for sharing publicly.

I was sick of getting friends' requests from people that I don't know who they are or where they come from. Many of them are hackers, scammers, or simple haters - bad people in a boring - shit status trying to get information no matter what.

Some others laugh their asses off creating fake accounts or worse, they steal profiles from the Navy or Army soldiers to scam people with ridiculous sad stories that always end up "requesting money". 

Please be careful who your friends are.
Peace, Love & Respect.