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Hey Soldiers of Rock! Be ready for some real rockin’ tunes!

Fretless is a trio band from Sweden which started as a solo project by lead guitarist/singer Patte Carlsson some time in 2009. As a solo artist, Patte sent an uncountable number of demos to a long list of record labels. And after a waiting period Patte received that well deserved phone call from a Swedish Label for a record deal. With a contract deal in hand, the label needed Patte Carlsson to form a band from scratch. Patte pleased the label request with two musicians friends: Dennis Forsberg on bass guitar and Birger Löfman on drums.      

A vast pack of live performances were set up for Fretless. The ball was rolling and the band’s music was causing a real buzz on the local scene with positive feedback from the audience and radio shows. However, in late 2009, the band decided not to continue working with the Swedish company because they did not feel comfortable with the label anymore.

Fretless members are experienced musicians. They have been writing songs, recording and playing around separately on different projects for like 25 years. They know pretty well the music business and their ”Local Heroes” album as a band proves it.

”Local Heroes” is a 9 track hardrock album that was recorded in 2010 and mastered at Bohus Sound Studio in Gothenburg. With the bird in hand and a list of labels interested in signing a deal, Fretless decided to work things out with E.L.T Records in Birmingham, UK. ”Local Heroes” was digitally released in December 2010. A release party for the physical CD took place at Valand in Gothenburg on January 28th, 2011. 

Songs like ”Here We Go”, ”Freedom Fighter”, ”Rock You” and ”Local Heroes” from the same title album are played on many radio stations worldwide plus the song ”Rock You” is the soundtrack for ”The Jaukka Brothers”, a Swedish film directed by Peter Grönlund and produced by Jörgen Andersson. The film was released in 2010 by Doppelganger Film Production Company in Stockholm. 

The band’s music has been compared to well known international established acts such as Iron Maiden, Accept, Thunder, Kiss and Scorpions to mention a few. But the truth is that even though you may hear some of the 80s musical influences, they created a master piece of pure hardrock that more sooner than later most of the album songs will be on the list of ”Classics Of Rock” worldwide. If you are a true soldier of rock, you won’t be disappointed.    

Since the album release they have been voted ”The Band Of The Month” at: IReviewRock in the UK, Rapidbeat Promotion in Australia, and Power House Mix radio in the United States. Additionally ”The Band Of The Week” at: Rocksverige.se a major Rock website in Sweden.

Drummer Birger Löfman left the band in July of 2011 in good terms. Reine Dahalstron has joined the band since then.

For further information on these acclaimed hardrockers FRETLESS, current and upcoming tours, new recording sessions or to purchase their ”Local Heroes” album, feel free to visit the band’s official website at:

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