Release Party

June 6th, 2014
 Article By Adriana Rubio
Photos: Courtesy of Divine Sorrow

Divine Sorrow is a progressive hard rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Founding member Bryan Chappell (lead vocals and bass) finalized the group with the addition of Mike Sikorski (guitar) and Lee Skyles (drums) and recently found Paul Schaffrin (lead guitar).

Divine Sorrow's NEW CD titled "Seven Deadly" will be officially released on June 6th, 2014. The CD Release Party will take place at Mile 277, 10701 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63127.

Divine Sorrow's accomplishments include:

"Charter Center Stage" as “Best Unsigned Band” in September 2012, St. Louis River Front Times readers choice "Best St. Louis Rock Band" and "Best Rock Album of 2012".

Divine Sorrow's debut album "Tales of Descension" released May 2012, has grabbed the attention of fans worldwide and massive radio plays along with several of the album’s songs that were honored by being included in the upcoming movie soundtrack “Leland” starring actor Matt Harrinson as Leland Campbell and Cara Mastrey as Deborah Hanson.  

“Leland” is a film written by Adriana Rubio and John Brandon. Trailer for the film features Divine Sorrow’s Bryan Chappell, Lee Skyles and Mike Sikorski

Divine Sorrows new CD “SEVEN DEADLY” is filled with powerful rock tunes and killer riffs’ guitars. If you are a true rock music fan, you can’t miss it.

Release Party

$7 Admission

Includes The New Divine Sorrow CD

“Seven Deadly”

For more info please feel free to visit Divine Sorrow’s official sites at: