‘Garden Music Project’
…Inspired By Syd Barrett’s Artwork…
AR Garden Records/Cherry Red

The name of the CD, Inspired by Syd Barrett Artwork, might seem somewhat strange at first glance until you find out that the bands brilliant producer Adriana Rubio and Syd Barrett, the genius singer, guitarist, and main songwriter for the early days of Pink Floyd as well as an artist of haunting works share a unique talent called Synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one’s sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Both Adriana and Syd have a Synesthesia known as Grahame or color synesthesia, which simply put for us Layman turn objects into colors, and through these colors the person can see what some might called aura's, and in doing so become one with the persons soul.

Producer Adriana Rubio took her Synergistic abilities to look beyond the magnificent artwork of Syd Barrett and journey into his soul, learning the true meaning of his work as his heart felt as he painted them. These insights were then passed onto the band members of Garden Music Project, who created a passage way to the mind and body of Syd Barrett's artwork.

Adriana Rubio's producing of this CD is nothing short of a exorcise in perfection. A kaleidoscope of seemingly magical colors that remove the listener from their bodies, and astral project them into a world that few have ever seen or felt before.

The songs were written by Adriana Rubio and band members Alex Ditzend, Stefan Ditzend, Nicolas Saganias and Fabrizio Gamba, with all the lyrics written by Alex Ditzend, except the song Transformation penned by Adriana Rubio. It should be no surprise based on the origins of this CD that the songs have an early Pink Floyd feel to them, a feel as if Syd Barrett had written them himself.

Each of the 12 masterpieces contained on this CD removes you from yourself, and takes you on a trip into psychedelicia, and puts you into a dream state of Ecstasy.

I have listened to this remarkable CD more times than I can remember, but I can assure you that I haven't listened to it enough, no by a long shot. Each time I put this CD on, usually with headphones on, I find myself transforming into a metamorphosis from being a human-being to liquid, floating over my body, as my mind fills with psychedelic colors and dreams that are not mine, but yet I find myself holding them dearly to my heart. I drift into the rabbit’s hole, only to find the spirit of Syd Barrett dancing madly about, singing uncontrollably, laughing in an insane manner that demands a smile, while his artwork comes alive and talks to me. Oh' yes, I get lost in this CD, and so will you.