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By Adriana Rubio
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New York Times Bestselling Author, Ian Halperin, is a well known Canadian investigative journalist from Montreal, Quebec. He authored and co-authored nine books since 1997 to the present days in 2011 including documentary films. Among his books titles, readers find a variety of interesting and controversial stories about Celine Dion, James Taylor, Kurt Cobain, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie -the Hollywood couple known as “Brangelina”-, Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Halperin is an accomplished-professional writer and a truth seeker by nature. No matter what, he goes right to the point, digs in and, without a doubt knows what he is talking about. Ian predicted Michael Jackson’s death six months before the sad event happened, while Jackson’s doctor at the time refuted Halperin and called it “a complete fabrication”. Ian Halperin also predicted on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage… that the couple would split… and they actually did. 

Does Ian Halperin have a crystal ball? Is he turning into some kind of psychic? Absolutely not. All predictions are based on facts that only an old school investigative journalist knows how to do it. However, it’s not that easy. Don’t think the guy just sits and writes. Every case needs a different treatment. When conducting investigations, professionalism, intuition and a high level of astuteness and creativity are precious gifts Ian Halperin never lacks of.

Behind the scenes and with all the ups and downs included, Ian’s assertions are the result of years of non-stop hard work and taking risks even on his own life. Halperin has made a career of undercover investigations infiltrating into the Hollywood world posing as a troubled gay actor for the film documentary “His Highness”-Hollywood-Scientology-, and he also entered as a suicidal patient into the mental institution actress Angelina Jolie was in years ago.

Additionally and apart from being an undercover journalist in the writing and film fields, Halperin has contributed to “60 Minutes II” and was also a correspondent for “Court TV”. The wisdom achieved during the ten years investigation he and his writing partner Max Wallace did on the yet “unsolved murder” of Kurt Cobain, has guided Halperin, in some way, to where he is today. As a journalist myself, I follow Ian’s investigations since more than a decade ago and have talked to him on several occasions. His work is genuine. 

“The Seattle Police Department investigated the Cobain case for ten minutes and labeled it a suicide… We investigated it for ten years… There is forensic evidence that proves the official report wrong… it’s a complete different scenario… Kurt was murdered…  A dead man can’t pull the trigger, period… We call for this case to be reopened”. Ian Halperin told me in 2004 when the book “Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain” came out.

Halperin would never publish a story without having enough evidence in his hands to prove it. Many people shocked out after hearing Michael Jackson had six months to live. On June 25th, 2009 Pop Star Michael Jackson died and, whatever the hell the autopsy reports revealed, health issues as predicted by Ian Halperin were involved. In July of 2009, just weeks after Jackson’s death, Halperin published the book “Unmasked: The Final Years Of Michael Jackson”. Did Halperin write it in just hours? No. Although “Unmasked” coincidentally came out after Jackson’s death, it was the result of five years investigation: 

“I had more than a glimpse of the real Michael; as an award-winning freelance journalist and film-maker, I spent more than five years inside his ‘camp’...” 

“Many in his entourage spoke frankly to me – and that made it possible for me to write authoritatively last December (2008) that Michael had six months to live, a claim that, at the time, his official spokesman, Dr Tohme Tohme, called a ‘complete fabrication’. The singer, he told the world, was in ‘fine health’. Six months and one day later, Jackson was dead”.

After the publication of “Unmasked”, Ian went for more as a mental “undercover” patient for the book “Brangelina: The Untold Story Of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”. Halperin spent months at the psychiatric institution where Jolie was committed years ago. The book makes public the brain-architect behind Jolie's barely credible change from infamous Hollywood bad girl to a concerned and caring one. And among many other issues the book deals with, Halperin describes in great detail Jolie’s uneasy-unhappy teenage years stuffed with her openly confessed experiences with bisexuality, drugs and self-injury. A must read.

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the spotlight more than ever thanks to Ian Halperin’s revelations in his book “The Governator: From Muscle Beach to His Quest for the White House, The Improbable Rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger”. Early on Halperin experienced some rejections from the media to promote the book, but he never gives up. He usually appears on several TV and radio shows to promote a new released book. Halperin knows Arnold’s people were badly trying to stop the book. They have failed in all counts. The ball is running and can’t be stopped. Ian Halperin’s predictions on “The Governator” months ago are assertions today. On May 18, 2011 Ian was on TV shows “Inside Edition”, “Extra” and “CNN”.

For more information on Ian Halperin undercover investigations, TV and radio shows appearances, live chats and more, visit his official blog webpage at:

Complete list of books authored & co-authored by Ian Halperin below:
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“Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”. Transit Publishing. 2009.

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“Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain”. Atria. 2004. (with Max Wallace)

“Miss Supermodel America”. OGO Books. 2004.

“Bad And Beautiful: Inside the Dazzling And Deadly World of Supermodels”. Citadel. 2002.

“Best Ceos: How the Wild, Wild Web Was Won”. OGO Books. 2000.

“Fire and Rain : The James Taylor Story”. Citadel. 2000.

“Shut Up and Smile: Supermodels, the Dark Side”. OGO Books. 1999.

“Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The Mysterious Death of an Icon”. Citadel. 1998. (with Max Wallace)
“Celine Dion: Behind The Fairytale” - A Very, Very, Unauthorized Biography. Boca Pub Group. 1997. 

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