Pat Gesualdo at D.A.D Program
Drums and Disabilities

By Adriana Rubio
Photos: Courtesy of Pat Gesualdo & D.A.D Program
Award winning drum virtuoso, author, clinician and researcher Pat Gesualdo released sections of his DAD Program as an extraordinary education Pilot Program in numerous New York City schools in 2004 to help children with disabilities. Seven years later the program has expanded greatly to many cities within the US and is also successfully working in London, New Zealand, South Africa, Bosnia, Italy, India and Slovenia.

The DAD program (Drums and Disabilities) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that helps children and adults with Autism, Dyslexia, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Angelman Syndrome, Tourette’s and Asperger’s among many other disabilities, to develop: coordination, physical and cognitive functioning, retention, social skills, fine motor skill and sensory integration.

DAD Program is certified by the New Jersey State Department of Education as an official teacher-training program.  It is currently in use by Special Education Teachers, Physical, Occupational and Behavioral Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrics and Neuroscientists.

Pat Gesualdo and his DAD Program have been featured in major media outlets nationally and internationally. Gesualdo, who beats his own severe battle with a disability from when he was a child, not only has created this amazing program to help others but has performed and recorded for a number of major recording labels. To mention a few: Sony, Columbia, Warner Brothers, Atlantic and RCA. Pat has worked on many projects with Paramount Pictures artists and also with members of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Quiet Riot and Halford among many others famous musicians.

Pat Gesualdo writes a column for Modern Drummer Magazine entitled “Drum Therapy”. Gesualdo has won a big number of awards and received various mentions and honors. He has also authored two books "The Parent’s Guide To Learning Disabilities" and "The Art of Drum Therapy". Pat Gesualdo is a non-stop researcher and is currently working hand in hand with Neuroscientists and Psychiatrics who are interested in using the DAD Program with schizophrenic patients.  

For further information on the DAD Program and complete background info on Pat Gesualdo, conferences, lectures, book tours, sponsors, donations and more, please contact: info@dadprogram.org

P.O. BOX 341
Towaco, NJ, 07082

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