Cara Mastrey along with Tawn Mastrey Foundation volunteers will celebrate Jezebel’s reunion on June 18th at Malones in Santa Ana, CA. There will be 12 bands from the days Tawn was on KNAC, and, of course, Jezebel! 

Braingell.com Internet Radio will be doing a live cast DJ-ing.
Unsigned Rock TV will be live taping for an upcoming episode.
Tawn Mastrey Foundation will have a table/booth set up to talk about the importance of Hepatitis C awareness, reminisce about Tawn, sell the Eat This! cookbook and just have a rockin’ good time!

Join us:
604 East Dyer Road
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 714-979-6000

21 and over event
Doors: 2:30PM-2:00AM
Cost: $10 at the door (No presale)

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  1. Hi everyone
    My name is Kamp Welch.
    I am the one who paid the 501c3 cost to the IRS for this marvelous organization to exist.
    The reserve of a person, as strong as it is has the amazing ability to weaken and them just, without warning: collapse when someone close to you dies. but can you imagine what the Mastrey Family has gone through in the shocking a horrifying death of their beloved Tawn? Here's a lady who worked her way to the very top in life not knowing that she was ever sick let alone deathly ill, Loved by literally millions of people and then without a real grasp on warning suddenly die? And Cara,her younger sister in the process, begging God to take her instead. If you've known never grief in your life then you are in for a rude awakening. But if you've known grief in your life then you know what I'm talking when it happens to you This is why it's important to make sure that your health okay today because tomorrow isn't guaranteed for any of us, Would you please give to help THIS family? My name is Kamp Welch and I'm working on the behalf of The Tawn Mastrey Foundation. Take care & God bless

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    Tawn Mastrey Life Documentary gf.me/u/6muf4


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    Micah 4:5-7