Release Date February 15th, 2012
Art Cover: Courtesy of “The Commander In Chief Ltd”

The Commander In Chief recorded five songs for an EP in December 2011 with metal music producer/engineer Sterling Winfield best known for his work with Pantera, Hatebreed and Hellyeah among others featured metal acts. The online release of The Chief’s debut EP “Evolution” is expected for today February 15th, 2012. Sterling Winfield stated:

This is NO auto tune, NO pro tools magic, NO copy and paste. She did all guitars and all vocals for 5 songs in 11 days, performing 12 to 15 hours a day”.

Although The Chief recorded five songs for the EP “Evolution”, one of the songs has been saved for later. So, “Evolution” counts with four tracks:


THOU is the most heavy track and really honors the 7 string Ibanez Guitar! The producer said: "I would like to see any man play this one after you"...
THOU is about excessive greed and those who make decisions that ruin other people's lives, for the sake of profit. A satirical "Metal Hymn" to the one true God everybody worships: MONEY.   
FAMOUS is a more commercial track as The Chief message needs to be heard by everyone without worrying about any music likes or genre style, period.  It is a slap in the face to reality shows and was directly inspired by Kim Kardashian and Jershey Shore/The Situation, who are famous for...NOTHING.
EVOLUTION, the EP title track clearly reflects a music evolution. The lyrics were inspired by crazy scientists who do anything to get famous, no matter what the consequences are for people or animals. The Chief read about the man who invented Lobotomy, the Frankenstein book and also the scientist who likes to have stuff attached to monkey's brains to see if he can manipulate them. 
LET IT GO is a deep and very well done ballade that goes right to the core. There’s no doubt this song was written on a personal subject. And The Chief confirmed it as a very personal song which was written two years ago to her younger brother. It is for anyone who has been or is being bullied or suffering from some kind of depression.
As stated in a previous article, The Commander In Chief’s future looks bright and promising. She is the first Norwegian female 7 string guitarist-songwriter-singer in Metal!
The Chief was featured in Metal Hammer UK in January, Metal Hammer Norway edition in February and will be in Total Guitar two weeks from now.