Release Date April 2012

Interview & Article
By Adriana Rubio

Courtesy of Insights Management

“It’s pretty liberating when you write all the words and then sing them. “No One Hears Me” is probably the most honest job that I’ve done lyrically”. (Riccardo “Rick” Cordi)
GLO is a Montreal-based rock-alternative band with a solid message in terms of musical style and personality. These Canadian rockers - Eddie Mazzola (guitarist & keyboardist and bassist), Patrick Rowan (drums) and Riccardo “Rick” Cordi (vocalist & rhythm guitars)-started their walk to stardom with the hit song “Move Along” from their previous album titled “On The Outside”. Now they are aiming higher still with “No One Hears Me”, a new album coming out in April 2012. The lead song to hit radio stations is expected to be “Don’t Believe”.

GLO’s previous album, “On The Outside”, was recorded and produced by the band’s lead guitarist Eddie Mazzola in his own studio. He then presented the tracks to veteran-established music producer-engineer Paul Lani, best known for his outstanding work with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Megadeth among many others, for the final mix. 
According to the band’s bio, Eddie and Patrick played in a metal band called “Stollo” before forming GLO. The story says that they had a brand new album recorded when their singer walked off. So they immediately placed an ad to audition singers and, after a long day of auditioning, there was only one left: Riccardo “Rick” Cordi.

“Well, I didn’t realize that I was the last audition of the day. I went in there being myself with my own personality and my own musical style. And it really was one of those rare moments where everything really clicked in terms of personality. We were all on the same page and it really fit perfectly. We’ve been working together ever since”.
The addition of Rick Cordi to the band made a huge impact on their musical compositions. They left their metal sound behind in favor of a more alternative-pop-rock sound. They also changed the band’s name from “Stollo” to GLO as a result.

The members of GLO are all classically trained musicians. It could be the reason why the addition of Rick Cordi clicked so naturally. That being said, each member has diverse musical influences, and this may be the reason why GLO’s music sounds nothing like what they listen to.

“We all are classically trained musicians. I started playing piano at a young age, I then learned to play guitar, and I also took singing lessons. Eddie, the band’s lead guitarist plays piano too”.

“I usually write songs while playing around on the piano or on the guitar like this… (this was a video Skype interview, so Rick picked up his guitar and played a couple tunes from scratch). I often come up with a melody as well and then the three of us work on the ideas together”.

“I write all the lyrics, and being the singer sometimes it gets a bit scary when you put yourself out there. I guess in a way I get to express myself differently than the rest of the band does. Using one’s voice is a bit more intimate than any musical instrument you can play… it’s also pretty liberating when you write all the words and then sing them”.

“Our new record “No One Hears Me”, which is coming out in April 2012, is probably the most honest job that I’ve done lyrically”.  

“No One Hears Me” is a five-track album recorded in Montreal, Canada and was produced by platinum-certified record producer John Nathaniel. GLO is now getting ready for the album release. GLO is also preparing for a tour across Canada and hopefully in the United States. The album will be out in April and available on iTunes. In the meantime you can enjoy the upcoming album’s single here:

On a more personal note, I want to thank GLO’s management, “Insights Management”, for setting-up this interview, and a very special thanks to singer Rick Cordi for the nice chat and for surprising me with a few words in Spanish!

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