Bio Update
By Franco and the Dreadnought

Franco announces himself on the scene with his powerhouse voice and agile fingers playing on his Dreadnought Guitar. This young lad has the goods and the capability of packing arenas full of people waving their lighters in the air and singing along with every fiber of their being. He and his trusty sidekick, the Dreadnought, are bound to move the masses into musical bliss.

It is awe inspiring to hear an acoustic song such as “BulletProof” convey the sweet, melt your heart sentiment of Damien Rice while creating the same emotive impact as the arena rock of Oasis. His singing and playing exude confidence and while making no attempt at covering up his English inflections, his delivery is all the more real and raw.

Franco is no stranger to success and as a testament to the power of his musical ability, he was asked personally by Desmond Tutu to write a song celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. The archbishop gave the song entitled "Inyaniso" (translation - "Truth") as a gift to Mr Mandela for his 90th birthday.

Previously Franco was the songwriter and front man for International One, who signed a record deal with a subsidiary of UNIVERSAL RECORDS. Shortly after the label went under in the recession causing Franco to partner up with his acoustic guitar and embark on a solo career.

"Franco and the Dreadnought" have released a 6 track EP of well recorded demos which is currently being played on radio stations worldwide!

Having recently recorded 4 singles with the Prestigious Animal Farm label and produced a brilliant music video. Franco's debut single "Last Man Standing" is set for release at the start of July Franco and The Dreadnought are currently celebrating a publishing / representation deal agreed in May this year with Respect Music!

Here is Franco's debut single video "Last Man Standing":