Review by Adriana Rubio

“Stay” is Alvaro M Rocha first single he openly shares with the public as an anticipation of his full CD titled “Debut” which is expected to be released in December 2012. 

Alvaro Rocha’s music has always been deeply influenced by Vangelis, Wagner and Jean Michel Jarre. His work is undoubtedly into the realms of classical tunes audaciously performed. The use of rare synths such as a Yamaha  CS80 which is a Vangelis trademark makes Alvaro’s work even more impressive.

“Stay” is a unique piece performed and produced by Alvaro M Rocha. Precisely and on top of it Alvaro provides a very pleasant music for the listeners’ ears even for those who are not familiar with his previous projects. “Stay” offers well done piano-key tunes, wild-wind sounds, guitars and soft female-breathing vocals. If the music of classical composer Tchaikovsky, especially the Nº 1 Concert for Piano and Orchestra is amongst your favorites, Alvaro’s “Stay” revives that kind of piano sound in a peculiar-creative way.  You won’t be disappointed.