Review by Adriana Rubio

Will Mak is a successful solo artist, singer, songwriter and keyboardist from Bedfordshire, England. Articles and reviews on Will Mak usually start like this:

** Mixing up classic (Elton John) with contemporary (Jamie Cullum), Will serves up a heady cocktail of award-winning power pop, delivered with a juicy slice of soul and funk on top. **

Will’s musical talent has been described as a combination of “Sting, Paul Carrack and Seal”. He has also been compared to Gavin DeGraw, John Legend and James Morrison amongst some others. 

Will Mak’s debut album “Run This Race” was released in the autumn of 2012 after several months of hard work with his pal writer and producer James Erskine.

“Run This Race” is a ten tracks album filled with a combination of amazing melodies, sounds and rhythms in the styles of soul, funk, pop and a bit of jazz. Will’s singing voice feels as in a pleasant-sounding dialogue with the musical instruments in all tracks. Will Mak is a soulful-gifted singer who’s been touched by a magic wand to sing. And in some particular singing melodies on his debut album made me think of Murray Hockridge, another gifted one in England. Musically, I find “Run This Race” a bit more into the skin of “Scarlet”; the album by Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters’ The Wall Touring Guitarist) than the other musicians Will’s usually compared to. “Run This Race” is the kind of album to listen with an open mind, and then let the music do the restJ! You won’t be disappointed.


1. Head Over Heels
2. Run Before I Drown 
3. You Are The Rock 
4. As You Rush In
5. Falling Into You
6. Real Thing (Live) 
7. Whisper My Worries Away
8. Scarecrow
9. Passion And The Power (Live) 
10. Run This Race For You

Tracks 1 & 3 recorded at Baby Girl Music HQ/Studios, Farringdon, London. Tracks co-written & produced by Laurence Hobbs at Baby Girl Music/Major Music artist development academy. Mastering by Metropolis Studios, London, UK.

Tracks 2, 4, & 10 recorded between November 2011 & September 2012, partly at Will Mak Music HQ, Potton, UK; partly at Producer Towers, Royston, UK. Produced by James Erskine, with some input from Will Mak. Mixing by James Erskine & Will Mak. Mastering by King Penn at Trackwriterz, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Tracks 5 & 8 recorded at Carrera Records HQ, Wales. 
Produced & mixed by Russ Dawson-Butterworth, with some input from Fritz Vader. Mastering by Jon Blamire at The Digital Audio Company Ltd, UK.

Tracks 6 & 9 recorded at Vertical Room, Arrington, UK. Mixing by Vertical Rooms, Will Mak, & James Erskine. Mastering by King Penn at Trackwriterz, Atlanta, GA, USA.

For further info and/or to purchase “Run This Race”, please feel free to visit Will Mak’s official store at: