Article by Adriana Rubio
Photographs: Courtesy of Daniela Bessia

Daniela Bessia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Shanghai, China in 2011 to pursue a musical career, but things really started in 2008 when the language Chinese Bridge competition took place. Bessia was invited to China to participate and soon after arriving back home; she received a complete scholarship to study at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Daniela is a talented pop singer, songwriter and an amazing performer. It didn’t take long to Chinese producers to see the brilliance of her unique shinning style and beautiful voice got the attention of a big number of music promoters and TV producers to have her on stage. Although Daniela performed in Argentina on several occasions for different kinds of festivals including exclusive singing acts for The Chinese Embassy, she was surprised for all the offers she was getting so she decided to settle down in Shanghai. 

Daniela Bessia speaks fluent Chinese, English and of course Spanish. It is very interesting to see her perform mostly in Chinese as she’s been the artist guest on so many local TV shows and has appeared on national broadcaster CCTV. She has been on countless tours and has performed exclusively for a variety of high level brands such as Audi, Heineken, Lamborghini, Martell Noblige, Chivas Regal, Porsche, ELLE, KFC, Sheraton's Hotel and Mercedes Benz amongst so many others.

Daniela is widely known in China as BDaniela and is very much acclaimed to perform because of her inner talent which is not something you see around often and very especially because she is a foreign singer and has gained the respect from millions of fans as she has shared stage with Chinese superstars on China’s most famous TV shows. BDaniela is the only foreign artist who’s been invited to perform for the opening ceremony of China’s Got Talent show.

BDaniela is currently recording a new album with all songs sang in Chinese, English and Spanish. However, the Chinese version will be showcased on National TV in China this year. Additionally for the current year 2016 there are two International TV shows where BDaniela is the main Host plus she’s being sponsored by Mistubishi Montero and has this to say:

“I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to join the next Chinese touristic TV show to travel all around my country!!! Soon on TV Thanks to our sponsor Mitsubishi Montero, Shanghai TV and Autohome.com.cn”

She is getting ready for several massive festivals where she’s been officially invited to perform and is also scheduling many Chinese TV performances for the very near future!

Daniela Bessia is a beautiful and young talented singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina growing famous in Shanghai, China, her musical talent has definitely no roof, and the future for her as a professional pop-star singer and performer looks undoubtedly big and luminous.

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