Release date July 11th, 2016
Article & EP review by Adriana Rubio
Photographs by Ian Ritter & Eric Chow

“There is nothing in this world you can't do if you love it enough. Dream big and make it happen”…
(Tame The Sun)

Australians rockers “Tame The Sun” are releasing “ONE” on July 11th, 2016, a powerful debut EP inspired by dreams, love and freedom to beautify the crazy world we live in with a high amount of great tunes to rock and head-bang!

Guitarist Dean Williams had this music project in mind for years and never gave up hope that he would find the right way to make it happen.

Dean Williams was in California some years ago and during his time there he was invited to play as a guest musician some gigs at The Rainbow, and some other venues in LA. Dean received some interesting offers to become a signed solo artist in the States, but he decided to return back to his hometown in Australia to perfect his product. This particular experience is what gave birth to a single titled “Back In The Game” which was released last year.

“I had the idea of Tame The Sun years ago… The guys I wanted to be in the band were not available. I then decided to make a solo project so I could give people a taste of the thing I was trying to create”.

“The guys in my band are all respected musicians and long time friends of mine. The way timing and fate had it the guys I wanted were available and it naturally progressed into Tame The Sun”.

Tame The Sun lineup:

Dean Williams - Vocals/Guitar
Ripley Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Simon Klaaysen – Bass
Anthony Troiano – Drums

Aside from his musical career, Dean Williams is a skillful martial artist who won a number of interesting fights using Muay Thai techniques, and also is an airplane pilot. Ripley Smith is a full time musician and runs one of Melbourne's best rehearsal studio complexes. Simon Klaaysen the bass player is also an airplane pilot, and Anthony Troiano is a jeweler to celebrities, his clients include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Fox, Tommy Lee, Cara Delavene and Adam Lambert amongst many others.

“The guys are all very driven and passionate people”

Tame The Sun’s debut EP “ONE” was professionally recorded at Lighthill Recording Studios in Melbourne, Australia. All tracks engineered by music producer Ricki Rae.


  1. BURN
“ONE” the debut EP by Tame The Sun is filled with that kind of haunting guitar riffs that won’t go away easily and memorable melodies that will make you sing right after the first listen of “Burn”, “Back In The Game” and “Haunted”. Drumming and bass playing reach the highest rock beat level on “Slick State” as in a top live gig, the same goes for “Gotta Believe”, however this track is not about the beat level but more on the groovy structure, perfect touch and artistic connection between these two, and this is what makes Tame The Sun work as “ONE”

All tracks are highlighted by the old fashioned rock school of Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, AC/DC and Lenny Kravitz in modern times combining also a bit of alternative tunes in the style of Velvet Revolver. Although the five tracks are all original compositions, they really pay homage to the greatest musical influences of all time.   

“Dream Big and Make It Happen”.
“Let the band guide you”.
“You Gotta Believe”
(Tame The Sun)

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Well done guys! Congratulations!