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Interview & Article: Adriana Rubio 

Enrique Gómez Yafal is a well known musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most respected artists in the local industry for his trajectory and never ending creativity. Enrique’s passion for music is what makes his everyday living so exciting.

Musically, Enrique Gómez Yafal has entertained the local rock scene to a great extent as the singer and main songwriter for Kamikaze, Cuero and KZ4 for several years. He has worked with astonishing and killing-riff-solo-playing guitarists like Miguel Oropeza, Martin Knye and Daniel Telis plus a very good level of bass players such as Gustavo Perugino, Horacio Cosseddu and Horacio Pinasco together with the strong and loud drumming touch of Claudio Parolari, Jorge Cimino and Roberto Ruiz. 

 “From Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd to Emerson, Lake  & Palmer, Whitesnake and Judas Priest amongst many great others, I must admit that all my musical influences come from the Britain Rock scene. I haven’t listened to American music. I’ve been mainly focused on European music mostly English Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal, and that’s what drives my songwriting and keeps my rock style this way, no matter which band”.

“I started playing guitar at the age of 9, and at 12 I had my first band. Every band I was in during my teen’s years I was the leader. Looking back, there’s no doubt I had this “leading” stuff as part of my personality that I kept away from for a long time as I happily adapted to work with  amazing lead guitarists while in Kamikaze: Miguel Oropeza, Damiel Telis and Martín Knye. I met many gifted ones that I worked with over the years, you know Miguel Oropeza's been the main songwriter on the first Kamikaze album, and Christian Vidal for the band "Cuero", now he is kinda  Swedish guitarist playing for THERION band. (Laughs). It really was a great time and I’m thankful for that. But now it’s time to do what I really want to do, so I picked up my guitar again!”

The newest musical project of guitarist-singer-songwriter Enrique Gómez Yafal is called “Yafal Power Trio”. The band lineup counts with experienced musicians coming from outstanding musical backgrounds too.

Enrique Yafal: Guitars & lead singing
Gustavo Perugino: Bass
Paulo Dacal: Drums

“Yafal Power Trio” was formed in early 2015, and in August of the same year the first video clip for the song “Como Lluvia en la Ciudad” (“Like Rain in the City”) came out successfully receiving encouraging feedback from the audience. The clip reached thousands views in just one week. The release of the second video clip for the song “Gastado” (“Tired”) was presented on VORTERIX METAL in November 2015.

From January to March 2016 members of “Yafal Power Trio” were all together at Yafal’s recording studio working on the band’s first debut EP. Recording, mixing and mastering tasks have been professionally managed by Enrique Gómez Yafal

Debut EP Yafal Power Trio Track Listing:

  • Salvaje
  • La Música de Morir
  • Purgatorio
  • Gastado
  • Como Lluvia en la Ciudad

The band prepares for a live gig to take place in a celebrated night bar for rockers known as AcaTraz on Friday, August 5th at 10:00 PM.

For additional information on upcoming shows, tours, videos and more, please feel free to visit “Yafal Power Trio” official website where you can download the first debut EP for free.

Thank you Enrique!

Stay tuned!