The Autobiography of
Christian Rock Guitarist
Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas also known as Rikki Lixx, former lead guitarist for “Rev Theory” has released three records as a solo artist since 2012. 

Now, Richard surprises the audiences around the globe with a new release. However, it is not music what he has chosen for his fans today but the story of his life in book format.

“Thomas' journey has not been easy, as his book details his battles with drugs and alcohol that eventually led him to overdose in the hope of dying. His story does not hold back on topics such as the life on the road, out of control drinking, and the happiness and peace he found when he accepted the Lord into his heart. Standing in the Fire includes contributions from some of music's biggest stars, as they reflect on Thomas' life story”. (From PRLog)

“Standing In The Fire” is ready for Pre-Order, you can do so by following the link below. You will be directed to this book title at Amazon bookstore.


You can listen to Richard Thomas on @AppleMusic: