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For how long have you been in a rock band? How many songs have you guys put together into demos to get the attention of some record label? How many hours, days and months have you spent waiting for THAT phone call and never heard a real answer back? I bet you all are tired of being rejected by the music industry. Although some grey clouds have shadowed your dreams for a long time, there is still hope to make that record deal happen once and for all. How? “The Rock and Roll Times-Music Bible Industry” by Will Beattie answers to all of your questions and more…

Will Beattie is a prestigious music journalist, artist manager and book author from the UK. Will has spent the last fifteen years of his life working in a variety of acts and projects in the music industry. After years of being an insider, Beattie embarked on a book trip to help young musicians on their way to succeed. 
“I've been an artist manager and music-journalist, with my last incarnation as A&R guy over at Ruffworld Music, working with Joe Ruffalo -manager of Prince, Earth- Wind & Fire. This long road led to the release of my first book - The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible. A kick-ass guide showing young bands how they can create a career for themselves whilst chasing that never-gonna-happen-record-deal”.

“The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible” is an educational book written to inspire and give insight to new young bands and musicians who wish to build a career in the music industry. It provides accurate information on how to lead their musical careers by themselves.

“The book’s sole aim is to get bands into thinking they have more power than they realize, more opportunities to reach a wider audience and the chance to make a living from the one thing they love: Music”.

“The Rock and Roll Times - Music Industry Bible” shows new bands how powerful they are and how they can become noticeable by building their own temples. 

“I hated being an A&R guy because it killed me saying NO to a thousand kids’ dreams.  Hearing another heart break at the end of a telephone, or another dream smashed because you simply don’t think the band is going to make it commercially starts to erode your soul”. “We are looking at the creation of thousands of record labels being born.  That’s the future of the music industry.  It’s in the hands of the new bands emerging from the streets. We want to show the world who they are.  The days where bands rely on traditional record labels are gone.

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