By Vaudeville & Bad Omens
By Adriana Rubio

VOYAGE is Italian band "Vaudeville & Bad Omens" first recording studio album produced by Andrea Scardovi at Dunastudio, V&BO and engineer Ivano Giovedì.

VOYAGE is filled with ten enjoyable and well performed songs. Some of the songs come from old compositions made by lead singer Adelaide Rossi. Lead guitarist and band leader Daniele Balelli pioneered about using those songs as a musical experiment in late 2008. And after several months of working together, rehearsing, making musical adjustments and new song-writing, "Vaudeville & Bad Omens" began to sound-shine.
VOYAGE is the result of sharing a mix of musical likes. Everyone in the band has been particularly inspired by a number of well established bands and styles ranging from Aerosmith, Iron Maiden and Metallica to Velvet Revolver and Muse among many others. However, they all feel that Smashing Pumpkins and Foo-Fighters are the bands influencing their music.

VOYAGE provides entertaining pop-rock tunes with a touch of southern rock and a bit of blues-soul melodies in a couple of ballads. In a particular way and for some mysterious reason the singing style of Adelaide Rossi pays tribute to Pat Benatar giving the listener some reminiscense of the well known female singers of B-52, all at once. Adelaide sings with a commanding voice and strong-aggressive attitude. She is a gifted singer capable of changing the rock singing style completely to deep emotional soulful tunes. Her singing style is of an extraordinary good taste. Guitar riffs are combined with a moving southernrock style bass style and alternative-powerful drumming touch. There's no doubt these four musicians know what they want. "VOYAGE" proves it. 

During the recording sessionsof VOYAGE, bass player Michele and drummer Alessandro filmed a series of funny images to document the studio experience. This spontaneous shooting led to the creation of the official video-clip of one of the songs from the VOYAGE album: "Cannon Fodder", an insane parody joke entirely filmed with a mobile phone showing the two acting like sheriff and bandit with explosions and police-chase scenes.

Members of "Vaudeville & Bad Omens" are preparing for a tour to present the upcoming album VOYAGE which will be distributed by Wondermark via Itunes and Amazon. Release date: October 10th, 2011.
For further info on the band, tour dates and/or to listen a preview of the upcoming album visit the band’s MySpace site at:

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