By Adriana Rubio

Italian rock band "Vaudeville & Bad Omens" started as a trial project in late 2008. It was formed by lead guitarist Daniele Balelli with musicians from "The Airheads" band Massimiliano Orofino and Michele Visciarelli, and from "The Artichokes" lead singer Adelaide Rossi. They all embarked on Balelli's idea of using some of Adelaide's old songs to go through the musical experience. It worked out pretty well, and after a few months of intense rehearsals and arrangements on Rossi's old songs, they realized that the trial project was turning into a real band full of energy and attitude.

Daniele Balelli, Adelaide Rossi, Michele Visciarelli and Massimiliano Orofino enjoyed being "Vaudeville & Bad Omens" and their musical journey for a year and a half until drummer Massimiliano left the band some time in 2010. Alessandro Gatta joined the band and from that point on "Vaudeville & Bad Omens" experienced a very significant creative period where new song-writing and musical composition took the lead to reach the band's own style which has been deposited all together in their first CD studio album "Voyage" to be released on October 10th, 2011. 

Musically, they understand each other and there is a reason for that. Adelaide was Daniele guitar student for a long period of time. And although she lead sings with a commanding voice, Adelaide also plays rhythm guitar for the band. On his part Daniele studied guitar with a professional guitar teacher for several years until 2010 and since then Daniele is attending the “Applied Music” at Conservatorio G.B Martini in Bologna where he is also learning to play piano. Bass player Michele plays saxophone from when he was a child and he then learned to play bass guitar: “self-taught”. Michele and Daniele have played together in two previous bands during their high-school years. Drummer Alessandro has played drums since forever and succeeded on a variety of drumming styles with previous bands of different musical genres. 

These four musicians won’t stop, they are continually improving on their instruments, playing live gigs and increasing their fan base worldwide.

For further info, please feel free to visit the band’s MySpace site at:

Daniele Balelli: Lead Guitar
Michele Visciarelli: Bass Guitar/Background Vocals
Adekaide Rossi: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Alessandro Gatta: Drums

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