Guitar Playing Real!

The Commander-In-Chief Management

Photographer Karel Losenicky.
The Falchion 7 Prototype Guitar by Ibanez.

“No Auto tune, No Pro-tools magic, No tricks” (PANTERA engineer/producer Sterling Winfield).
Female 7string guitarist-singer-songwriter in Metal "The Commander-In-Chief" released her critically acclaimed debut EP "Evolution" a couple of months ago. It came with a written statement from legendary PANTERA engineer/producer Sterling Winfield. He confirmed that everything was 100% organic with NO Auto tune, NO Pro-tools magic or any other tricks in studio. Everything was the way she played and sang it.

Despite that, people have been questioning if she can really do this live, especially her song THOU which is the heaviest and technical track she recorded. It is a head-banger song with 2 guitar solos, tremendous riffs, an Arpeggio section in the bridge and singing at the same time. It leaves the audience in complete Shock and Awe every time and she closes all her shows with it. 

The Chief is gigging around the UK with her first tour coming up in July. She is confirmed for Bloodstook Metal Festival in August, with Alice Cooper headlining. If you have a chance to see this young "one-woman-metal-hurricane" (as Metal Hammer UK called her) LIVE, do not miss it!
The Commander-In-Chief will be featured in a major US Music Magazine in July and she will also be mentioned in another big US Music magazine the same month.
The Chief is available for interviews, written, radio and video, until the end of June. If you are a member of the press e-mail The Chief’s Manager Elisabeth Hagen at:
For further info, tour dates, pictures, videos and/or to purchase the EP “Evolution” please visit The Chief’s official website at: