“A City under siege… There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose…”
Article by Adriana Rubio

William Kaufman film “Sinners & Saints” is a believable action-cops movie starring Actor Johnny Strong, Kevin Phillips, Tom Berenger, Sean Patrick Flanery, Costas Mandylor and MMA legend Bas Rutten.


“In lawless storm ravaged New Orleans, beleaguered Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) is trying to cope with the death of his young son and the abandonment of his wife. Facing a probable suspension from the department, Riley is teamed with a young homicide Detective, Will Ganz, (Kevin Phillips) to help solve a series of brutal murders that have plunged the city into a major gang war. The two quickly realize there is something far more sinister going on than either could have ever imagined”.

Official Trailer:


All action-shooting scenes really convince the audience that the characters involved are authentic cops chasing villains tactically handling their weapons around New Orleans. It really gives you an idea about how meticulous Director William Kaufman is when working on an action film like Sinners & Saints. Kaufman counted with the help of Sonny Puzikas, a former Russian Special Forces Operative to train the actors.

Here is “Bullets don’t lie”, a five minutes footage showing Sonny Puzikas training actor Johnny Strong for “Sinners & Saints”. Used with permission from Team J Strong.


Sinners & Saints also counts with a memorable knives fight scene. Here is a clip of the knife training starring Johnny Strong and Ron Balicki. Used with permission from Team J Strong.


Aside from the action, there is a well developed story with clear plot points and very good acting. Another important element to keep in mind is the music for the film which provides the right climax in every scene. The music was written and performed by Actor Johnny Strong. The song “Let You Go” from “The War Of Art” album is the main soundtrack for the film.

If you are an action-cops movie lover and enjoy listening to real rock music, “Sinners & Saints” is the film for you. It’s now available on BLUE-RAY and DVD. A Must See!