By Adriana Rubio

Photograph: Courtesy of Angie Bowie

Author… Actress… Model… Musician… Mother
Former Wife of David Bowie
She is the leading light of the present age!

Angie Bowie was born on the island of Cyprus in 1949, the daughter of Colonel GM Barnett and Helena Marie Galas. Her father was a U.S Army veteran, a mining engineer and ran a mill for Cyprus Mines Corporation. Angie has a brother and grew up feeling like an only child in the family because her brother was 16 years older. 

Angie Bowie received education in Cyprus first, and at the age of 9 she was sent to St. George’s School in Switzerland, a very well known international school for wealthy people, a place where she felt she did not belong to but helped her to learn how to survive as an independent-self-sufficient person. 

“First I had to learn French --then get used to being away from home and having only my own resources to support me. My sense of humor rescued me from extreme alienation, but we were all outsiders at St. George’s.”

At the age of 16 Angie left Switzerland to attend the Connecticut College For Women in America where she began the journey of her own life. A lesbian relationship with a school mate started and resulted in college interference as was the way with many same sex relationships at that time.  
“The psychiatrist at the college grabbed my girlfriend and I, and imprisoned us in the surgery.  I had to convince a nurse to bring me my clothes, and then I leapt from the second floor window and ran back to my dormitory. I packed and left for Cyprus within a few days.”

In 1967 Angie went to England to study at Kingston Polytechnic, a notorious ahead of time College for advanced-thinking people. Angie Bowie is gifted with a remarkable intellect. She’s been always well read and well informed. England was definitely the place where she felt at home. 

“I believe the only place I truly felt at home was in England.”

In 1969 and at the age of 19, Angie met David Bowie. He was trying to get signed to a record label- Mercury Records. Angie was working with LKou Reizner and Doctor Calvin Mark Lee, both executives for Mercury, so was able to get Mercury to release Bowie’s single SPACE ODDITY. Angie and David fell in love, married in 1970 and had a son who called Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones. He dropped Zowie when he began his professional life and is a well known film director.

Angie introduced David to Tony DeFries when He wanted to divest himself of Ken Pitt his previous manager. Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke periods as the most productive and ground-breaking years. Angie and David Bowie looked curiously alike and they came together as a terrific package. She has often been referred to as the STARMAKER and the power behind David’s meteoric success. The cultural impact of David and Angie Bowie in the 70s led Angie to write emotively about in her books ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Backstage Passes: Life on the Wild Side with David Bowie’.  Angie won an award for Best Audio biography with her audio book of “Backstage Passes”. ‘Backstage Passes’ is rumored to be the inspiration behind the film “Velvet Goldmine”

Angie and David divorced in 1980. And according to what has been said publicly, David Bowie has tried to edit Angie out of his life and deny her contribution to his tremendous success. As an ahead of time woman, Angie reacts in a very philosophical manner.

 “Famous men frequently do that when they feel threatened by a woman’s influence. They like to be thought of as the sole genius. God forbid that any woman helped them to get where they did. Picasso did the same thing to his women -- he tried to write them off as insane.”

David Bowie’s songs “The Prettiest Star” and Golden Years are definitely about Angie. It is openly proven with her appearance in a backstage sequence from the D.A. Pennebaker concert film Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars where David Bowie calls her by the name “Star”. Angie Bowie accompanied her husband on the majority of his international concert tours and promoted him on radio and television as a celebrity guest on The Tonight Show in 1973 Russel Harty Show UK and also performed on The Mike Douglas Show in 1975. 

Angie Bowie is also known for her acting talent. She performed at the Lausanne exhibition in 1964 playing Barberine in the Alfred de Musset play BARBERINE. She acted all through school and college in the Changeling, Jeanne D’Arc by Jean Anouilh and rejoined and auditioned for the leading role of the telefilm Wonder Woman which aired on March 12, 1974. As Linda Carter already had the role and the auditions were just to satisfy the acting unions, Angie approached Stan Lee in Hollywood and in late 1975, Angie Bowie bought the television rights for the Marvel Comics' characters: Black Widow and Daredevil for developing and selling purposes featuring the two heroes. Terry O’Neill photographed Angie and Benny Carruthers American actor and screenplay writer as the characters.

Angie Bowie’s film work includes acting roles in “Eat the Rich”, “Demented”, “Deadrockstar”, and “The Slayer Bureaucrat”. She took to the stage in Tucson with City Players to star as TINY ALICE in Edward Albee’s play.

As a musician, there’s a CD maxi-single, “The World Is Changing” where Angie receives full credit as composer with various co-composers including David Padilla, Morgan Lekcirt, Tom Reich, Jim Durban and D.J. Trance. The musical work was published by Angela Bowie Music in 1996 on the New York label Warlock Records. MOON GODDESS is the CD of her songs and spoken word. Obsession for Paul Zone, she covered the Ramones’ tune for BOSSA n RAMONES and The Last Time is a STONES cover with Jude Rawlins.

In 1980, Angie had her second child, daughter Stacia, with the punk musician Drew Blood. She settled in America concentrated mainly on Stacia’s education, but she has also been involved in a number of projects.  Angie ran her own horse ranch, was a celebrity editor for the notorious Larry Flynt and has succeeded in book writing. She published, “Bisexuality: A Pocket Guide” and has productively lectured for it. 

Angie Bowie currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her NON-musician partner and is working on her fifth book, “Pop Sex”. Her first solo album “Moon Goddess” was released in 2000. “Fancy Footwork” is her second album. Her collection of poetry and lyrics will be released in 2013.

Angie is the leading light of the present age!



By Adriana Rubio
Photographs: Courtesy of Mat Sargent

Mat Sargent is a well known musician-bass player for the London-based punk band Chelsea.  Mat Sargent joined Chelsea in 1991 and went on to play for legendary punk band Sham 69’ in 1995 also becoming the resident bass player for Splodgenessabounds. He is currently completing the writing process of his autobiography.

The ‘Sex Drugs & HIV’ Project started in 1995 when Mat Sargent wanted to give something back to the charities that helped him on his life journey.  He came up with the idea of recording an album with different musicians on each track.  

For the first 10 years Mat recorded at Dave Goodman’s home studio in Gipsy Hill.  Known for his work with the Sex Pistols as their sound man, Goodman also produced the Spunk album & The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle.

Mat knew Dave Goodman from the Chelsea years as Dave produced two of the band’s albums that Mat played on: “The Alternative” & “Traitors Gate”. Dave Goodman also produced 2 albums for ‘Splodge’: “I Don’t Know” & “Artful Splodger”. Mat & Dave got on very well becoming close friends and a working relation started. Dave Goodman believed in Mat’s HIV album project and they produced most of the songs together.  


Mat Sargent booked Dave Goodman's studio for a month with a very well organized schedule for all the instruments and musicians. Mat got all the drummers scheduled for the first week, all the guitarists & bass players were called to record on the second & third week and all the vocalists did their singing contribution on the last week.

It all worked out as professional as possible even with the craziness of people coming in & out of the studio all day and night.  Up to seven different musicians a day were required to play and record.  The album was like a huge jigsaw, filling in spaces with various musicians from many different styles including rock, pop, ska, punk, reggae, rockabilly, heavy metal, funk, R&B, new age, country. The ‘Sex Drugs & HIV’ album can be described as a vivid musical collage!

Six months after the first recording sessions, Mat booked Dave Goodman’s studio for another month to record more songs with an additional group of musicians.  Originally only supposed to be 1 album, the HIV project attracted many musicians and the charities that Sargent chose to support encouraged more people to join the project which is now a double CD of 40 songs. 


One of the highlights on the HIV project has to be Max Splodge on the song '667 The Neighbour Of The Beast' where he plays a trombone solo. The thing was Max had never played a trombone before but insisted the track needed a trombone solo! Max also played trombone on the title track for the album Sex Drugs & HIV, written by Darrell Bath (UK Subs / Dogs D'amour / Crybabys) and Honest John Plain (The Boys / Crybabys).

Mat Sargent wrote the songs on the Sex Drugs & HIV album, collaborating with musicians on some of the tracks, including: Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy / Motorhead), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Dick Lukas (Citizen Fish / Subhumans), Paul Fenech (Meteors), Micky Fitz (The Business), Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface), Roly Wynne (Ozric Tentacles), Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex), Darren White (The Blood Divine), Chris Bowsher (RDF), Jennie Matthias (The Belle Stars), Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69), Mark E Smith (The Fall), Lee Thompson (Madness), Judge Dread, Angie Bowie, and Afrika Bambaataa.


The entire project was filmed by Mat Sunderland & Dublin Joe who filmed the first half, and Mat’s son, Alex Sargent, filmed the final sessions. Included in the limited Sex Drugs & HIV box sets (which will later be released) will be 3 memory sticks with 30 one hour documentaries showing the musicians at work, the making of the album, storytelling, different meetings with musicians at the studio and more.

Through 15 years of making the album with over 200 guests, Mat Sargent went through a transfer period where everything that had been recorded on analogue had to be transferred to digital, not only for each instrument on each song but also all the hours of video tape.

Back and forth to Germany for the past 10 years, Mat has been trawling through the hours of footage (over 150 hours) with his good friend Manni Kusters, who taught him how to use the editing, machines. It really was a learning process for Sargent as he became a perfectionist on all the tasks.


Dave Goodman died in 2005 so Sargent spent the next 5 years finishing the project at Panther Studios which was owned by Dick Crippen, former bass player for bands; Tenpole Tudor and King Kurt. Ten years had passed since Dick had played bass on one of the tracks for the HIV Project; ironically it was the same track that Dave Goodman had played on (Cigarette In The Ashtray).

Dick Crippen helped Mat Sargent to finish off the jigsaw and additionally, a number of new tracks were recorded to complete the 40 songs for the double album CD.  On May 16th, 2011, Sargent finished all the recordings and mastered the albums at Abbey Road in October of the same year.


Mat Sargent has worked on the Sex Drugs & HIV project for 15 years which is now ready to present to everyone and start generating funds for the beneficiary charities.  The songs from the Sex Drugs & HIV album have been available to download since January 1st, 2012 and a CD/DVD release is planned for 1st December (World AIDS Day).

The HIV Project band ROCK 'n' ROLL GYPSIES will also play shows to promote the album release and raise awareness for the charities: - Rape Crisis, Release (drugs), Terrence Higgins Trust (HIV+AIDS) & Cancer Research after Mat Sargent’s recent fight with cancer. A few musicians on the project have since died of cancer;- Kelly Johnson (Girlschool), Paul Samson (Samson), Jez Bird (The Lambrettas), Paul Fox (The Ruts), Chris Townson (John's Children / Jet / Radio Stars), Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex) - also not forgetting; John McGeoch (Magazine / P.I.L), Wurzel (Motorhead), Min (Splodgenessabounds), Roly Wynne (Ozric Tentacles), Wally Nightingale (Sex Pistols / Swankers), Judge Dread and Dave Goodman who have also passed.

Fund-raising shows are organized to finance the pressing of the Sex Drugs & HIV album. Also a big show is planned with Rock'n'Roll Gypsies to perform a live version of the album with many guests from the album appearing with the band.



The Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies

Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies  (1998 - 2001)
Vocals & guitar - Mat Sargent 
Lead guitar - Wurzel  (Motorhead)
Keys - Seaweed (Ozric Tentacles)
Bass - Leo Smee  (Cathedral)
Drums - Stuart Soulsby  (Chelsea)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies  (2002 - 2007)
Vocals & guitar - Mat Sargent
Vocals - Monique Maasen (B Bang Cider) 
Lead guitar – Johnny Chunders  (Splodge)
Bass - Tracey Lamb  (Girlschool)
Drums - Smeg  (Juicy Lucy)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies  (2010 - 2012) 
Vocals & guitar - Mat Sargent
Vocals - Monique Maasen (B Bang Cider) 
Lead guitar – Johnny Chunders  (Splodge)
Guitar - Ronny Rocka  (Angelic Upstarts)
Bass - Noel Hendrick  (Streatham Hillbillys)
Drums - Robin Guy  (Faith No More)


You can follow the progress of the Sex Drugs & HIV Project on the Facebook site at:


If you would like to donate towards the Sex Drugs & HIV Project please click the ‘Donate’ button on the website:   



By Fernando Serani

Book Review by Adriana Rubio

Heavy Metal Fans Take Heed!

If you are a true heavy metal fan…
You can’t miss it!

“Metal Eye Witness” by Fernando Serani was first published by Arts Publications in the United States. A compilation of photographs professionally taken to the best HEAVY METAL bands ever! The Author has toured with major bands all over the planet and wants to share with you the most successful moments of their musical careers.

Filled with exclusive pictures never published before of Megadeth, Heaven & Hell, Marilyn Manson, Whitesnake, Pantera, Slayer, Iron Maiden, among many others and MORE! “Metal Eye Witness” includes backstage, live performances and person to person interviews photographs. If you are a true heavy metal fan, you can’t miss it!

Fernando Serani started his career as a journalist/photographer in 1993 writing and taking photographs for major rock magazines such as Madhouse, Epopeya, La Maga, Generación X among many others in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has followed a big number of heavy metal bands on tour and became a “Metal Eye Witness” of their successful careers to the present days. Serani is a Black Sabbath fan himself and has pictured the most valuable images of the band. 
Fernando Serani worked for a Record Label in Argentina and was in charge of the Art Department promoting over 200 records where International artists such as Blackmore’s Night, Manowar, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Angra, Blind Guardian, Slayer and Yngwie Malmsteen among others were in.
In 1999 Serani founded “Blackstar CP”, his own independent production company. Today, Blackstar CP is one of the most important Indie Metal Labels in Argentina and has released and promoted over 20 records in different countries: (www.blackstar3.com ). This Indie Label has also opened the first digital store for Metal Artists in Latin America: (www.blacksdigital.com ).
For further info, feel free to visit the book official website at:



(June 9th, 1941 – July 16th, 2012)

Article by Adriana Rubio

Doctor Of Music, Jonathan Douglas “Jon” Lord, the founding member of Deep Purple was an English composer, pianist and Hammond organ player internationally known for his ground-breaking work primarily with Deep Purple, then Whitesnake, Paice, Ashton & Lord, The Artwoods and Flower Pot Men.

Jon Lord founded Deep Purple in 1968 and was practically the band leader until 1970. He and drummer Ian Paice were the only constant band members from 1968 to 1976 and continued together from 1984 until Jon Lord's final departure from Deep Purple in 2002. 

Among a very long list of outstanding musical compositions and songwriting contributions to Deep Purple, Lord wrote the organ riff on the master piece of all time “Child in Time”.

Lord also contributed as keyboardist guest on albums for George Harrison (Gone Troppo), Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour (About Face), Cozy Powell (Octopus) and so many others.  
Hammond Organ Player Jon Lord was made an Honorary Fellow of Stevenson College, Edinburgh on November 10th, 2010, and was granted an honorary Doctor Of Music degree on July 15th, 2011, by the University of Leicester. 
Jon Lord sadly passed away on July 16th, 2012 after suffering a pulmonary embolism at the London Clinic surrounded by his family. Lord had been diagnosed pancreatic cancer a year ago. 



The EP
Jahmings Maccow

EP Review: By Adriana Rubio

Wow! For a writer more inclined to listening to rock music this one was really a revelation to me! Jahmings Maccow is still causing such a shock with his music playing and songwriting style since the early 70’s to the present days.  

It was supposed that I was going to listen to a traditional Reggae style EP and then write a bit about Jamaica and how unfairly this guy went into imitating Bob Marley. Wrong! I found myself listening to this amazing music by Jahmings Maccow, an innovative musician from Anguilla Island who combines reggae and rock styles since decades ago giving the music a Bluesy feel and powerful message.

Jahmings Maccow has a poetry background since his early childhood which he greatly improved throughout the years as a lyricist. Although Jahmings was born in the Caribbean and mainly listened to Reggae amongst other styles such as Blues and Rock, he grew up in America mostly surrounded by the music of Rock Artists, R&B, Blues and Soul. And without a doubt the fusion of all these styles together influenced him significantly.

What you find in Jahmings Maccow music is a mix of well done and memorable Reggae wave sound with Rock riffs and Bluesy solo guitars along with a rhythm bass playing really giving full accent to the singing melodies. Not of this planet, really. I applaud Jahmings for creating such an outstanding style combination. His innovative guitar playing and songwriting style, which shocked out fellow Root Reggae Musicians in the 70’s, sound incredible exceptional in 2012.

“Music is UNITY, LOVE and LIVITY! If you hate your Brother or Sister… look carefully, you’ll see that you hate yourself. If you take you Brother or Sister’s belongings, look carefully and you’ll see that you are only taking from yourself. If JAH didn't Give, you couldn't Have, and if JAH is in You and You in JAH! Then who are you taking from? Didn't JHA Made You in His Image? JAH Do Not Take From Himself or hurt Himself.  So the message is One Love to Everyone”. Jahmings Maccow.



Reggae/Rock Artist
By Adriana Rubio


Jahmings Maccow was born in Crocus Hill overlooking Crocus Bay on the Island of Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. Jahmings started singing and playing the harmonica at the age of 5 with a choral group at school in St. Kitts. At the age of 8 Jahmings built a steel drum and tuned it himself with excellent results. And by the time he was nine everyone in Anguilla was talking about him as one of the best singers and poets in school. Maccow became the leader of the “Public Works Steel Band” at 12 and the keyboardist of the band “The Flames” at 13 in St. Thomas.

“Every Living thing Vibrate to Music, because Music is LIFE!”

New York City 216 W. 42nd Street Movie Theater

In the early 70’s Jahmings Maccow was introduced to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter Group. This all together was what in musical terms influenced Jahmings outstanding style.

Jahmings Maccow moved to New York City, and the 42nd Street Movie Theatre is where it all happened for him during the late 70's and early 80's. Jahmings was going to a Music School in the upper West side of Manhattan. He met a group of singers working at the Theatre who asked him to join their group. They called themselves “The Lover Boys”. It didn't take him long to find out that the group name represented what they were really all about: Girls! Jahmings was more interested in music, and after the group had a few incidents with girls, Jahmings left the group and started to concentrate more on the guitar and songwriting.

One night at the Theatre while the late show was on, Jahmings was in the lobby where it was pretty depressing so he decided to pull out his acoustic guitar and played some Reggae riffs on a song that he was writing at the time. Reggae musician Paul Henton heard Jahmings playing and congratulated him for such a great solo performance. Henton ran upstairs to tell his friend Cliff O'donoghue about Jahmings playing and in a blink of an eye they found themselves with Jahmings in Brooklyn the very next day on a jam session for their start-up band called “Rhythm Dimensions”. On that same week Paul Henton invited him to go to Angel Sounds Recording Studios in Manhattan to record “Rebels”, the song Jahmings was working on at the movie theater lobby when they first met. The song was a success and went right to the top of many Radio Stations charts that year in Anguilla.

Mid-town Manhattan Studio 45

Studio 45 was the home of “Catch-A-Fire Band” in Mid-town Manhattan for Jahmings. The fusion of bands such as “Rhythm Dimensions” and “Creation” gave birth to “Catch-A-Fire Band” in late 1981 early 1982.

“Catch-A-Fire Band” was an opening act for bands like “Ken Boothe”, “Alton Ellis”, “The Meditations”, “Israel Vibration”, “Dennis Brown” and “Culture” amongst many others. They all also used to share the same stages and tours with “Michigan & Smiley” and “Mojanya”.

Due to some disagreements between band members, “Catch-A-Fire Band” broke up.
Shortly after “Catch-A-Fire Band” Jahmings wrote a rock styled song entitled “True Love”. He met with his producer to record the song that way, but the producer decided to record it in a ballad style. Although Jahmings liked the recording, he was disappointed as it wasn't recorded in the original style. Jahmings did not complete the final vocals tracks on that cut until years later.

“I re-recorded the track and it appeared on my New Way CD which gave birth to my Reggae Rock Style!

The South Bronx years

Jahmings Maccow’s inner talent and non-stop songwriting led him on to create “The Enforcers” in 1984. They mostly did studio work for Bullwackies Artists such as “Max Romeo” and “Sugar Minott”. Around the same time and due to his work at Bullwackies Studio, Jahmings met singing groups “Love Joys” and “Leroy Sibbles” and of course joined the groups. He then met “Hopeton Lewis” while coming out of a recording session at Quadrasonic Studios in mid town Manhattan.  Lewis invited Jahmings to his studio in Montego Bay, Jamaica for some recording.

Dick Grove Musical School

To continue with his musical education, Jahmings Maccow moved
to Los Angeles, CA in the fall of 1987. Jahmings attended Dick Grove Music School from 1988 to 1990. During his time at Grove he proudly signed a songwriter’s contract with “Sunrise Records”. And the song entitled “Yesterday/Memories” was done by “Buddy Raye” and released on the album entitled “Hollywood Sessions” as a result. “Yesterday/Memories” is one of the songs Jahmings wrote during “The Enforcers” band years.
Jahmings Maccow continues making music as Music is Vibration for him! And in his own words:

“Music is a (LIFE) Vibration for me, because in the beginning was The (Word), and the Word was with JAH, and the Word is JAH. The Word is a sound, Music is a sound, and The Word is responsible for all creation. Every Living thing Vibrate to Music, because Music is LIFE!”

For further information on Jahmings Maccow please visit his official website at:

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In the meantime please visit