A Silver Medal Winner

The Album by Giorgos Tabakis

Featuring Rebecca Trescher

CD review by Adriana Rubio

Photographs: Courtesy of Giorgos Tabakis

 Greek 7th string guitarist Giorgos Tabakis and German clarinetist Rebecca Trescher joined their musical passion and jumped into the big sea of European jazz to fusion together and give birth to “Dual Nature”-Live Sessions-.



Dual Nature, Silver Medal Winner by the Global Music Awards in 2020, is a seven track CD album recorded as Live Sessions in April 2019, Mixed & Masterd by Giotis Paraskevaidis, and produced by Giorgos Tabakis. All songs written and composed by Giorgos Tabakis except “Moon Elegy” by Rebecca Trescher.

Dual Nature begins with a captivating harmonious piece as those composed for Contemporary Modern Ballet of the highest level. The track leads the listener to a theater stage where the unexpected awaits!

The chemistry these two amazing musicians and their instruments share is astonishing. Playing as a Duo is not something everyone can do especially in a music style where there’s no guitar distortion but melodies coming from pure musical notes combined with a number of musical ingredients such as Greek folk elements, contemporary classical music and the biggest one European jazz style.  


The musical expressiveness reached on “Dual Nature”, “Aetolia”, “Interface”, “Moon Elegy” is beyond words as the rhythm and harmony swim in your ears, the performing melodies of a multicultural musical process do the rest with a guitar brilliantly played by Giorgos Tabakis who keeps the listener tuned in while the clarinet played by Rebecca Tresher follows the dialogue of innovative musical expressions leading to dark notes but maintaining the pleasant-sounding in balance.

Rebecca Trescher was born in 1986 in Tubingen. She is a German based professional clarinetist, composer and bandleader. She has a Master of Music degree in Jazz clarinet and composition.



1-  Dual Nature

2-  Aetolia

3-  Interface

4-  Shapes & Shades

5-  Dawn Day Dusk

6-  Moon Elegy

7-  Spotlight

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Article by Adriana Rubio

Photographs: Courtesy of Giorgos Tabakis


Giorgos Tabakis is a 7th String Guitarist who was born in Athens, Greece in 1980, and at the age of ten he heard the inner call to study classical guitar with guitarist-composer Kostas Eliades.

Giorgos Tabakis devoted many years of his life to learn all about jazz guitar playing and harmony together with music theory for advanced students with worldwide known guitar-composer Andreas Georgiou, the highest level in guitar teaching, improvisation, ethnomusicology, and player of traditional instruments from India, Africa and many more. Andreas was the perfect guidance for Giorgos Tabakis who was deeply immersed into learning as in a sea of musical experiences.

Since 2007 Giorgos is still trying different ways to play on 7th Strings Guitars, making his contemporary jazz playing a unique style. He is the composer and guitarist for a number of projects: Giorgos Tabakis Trio, The Multiverse Ensemble, The Gaia Art Group and The Impulse Trio (Achilleas Tabakis on bass and Loukas Kalantzakos on drums, one of the best jazz-prog-rock-experimental drummers I listen to in a circuit of drummers from Greece, Germany and England, Loukas is the drummer for the Greek Trio Brothers TKG).

Giorgos Tabakis also teams up with musicians from jazz and the creative music area and participates in numerous concerts. Giorgos compositions are leading him to a wide position within the contemporary jazz scene in Europe.


Inter Mundos - 2015

ViewPoint - 2016

Sounds & Images - 2017

Drops of Time - 2017

Light Vibrations - 2018

Colored Minds – 2019

Dual Nature- 2020

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