Article By Adriana Rubio
Photographs: Courtesy of Dean Williams.
Credits: Ian Ritter, Eric “Chowie” Chow, Nikita Allan 
and William Luu

Dean Williams, a gifted rock musician, guitarist and songwriter from Australia is “Back In The Game” on a professional level with a full length rock album to be released later in the year.

I met Dean in Los Angeles, CA in October 2012 and saw him perform an acoustic set at KNAC Pure Rock Radio Station and at the Columbia Memorial Space Center with singer-model-actress Xaria Rose. This was for the Tawn Mastrey Foundation and Silent Auction event where established rock stars such as Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio) Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot, Ratt, Hear N’Aid), Chas West and Alan Krigger amongst many others attended to support a good cause that provides awareness and education on Hepatitis C through arts and music. 

Dean Williams visited California for two months on an adventure-music-business trip on his own. During his stay he tested the waters of the American music business and played some open gigs at the Rainbow as a skillful guest musician. Although Dean got some interesting offers to become a signed solo artist in the States, he decided to returned back to his hometown in Australia to perfect his product. This particular experience is what gave birth to “Back In The Game”. But before getting into that, I invite you to know more about this amazing Australian artist.

Dean Williams was born on August 21st, 1989 and at the age of 10 he entered into the martial arts field studying and practicing Karate and some Kung Fu. At the age of 12, Dean started practicing Fencing and as his skills improved he was encouraged to train steadily for tournaments. Dean won a large number of competitions in this sport.

At the age of 14 the passion for music started to become intense so Dean decided to devote time to practicing and playing the guitar loud until the present day. The early teenage years of martial arts training helped him to focus and be disciplined with his guitar playing practice routine. He has played many gigs across Australia, recorded jingles and has also worked as a session musician. 

Around the same time Dean started to train a bit of Boxing for a little while to finally fall in love with Muay Thai at the age of 22, a discipline that he continues to practice today. Muay Thai fights are going into a more professional level for Dean, although he says he is not that good yet, he is a winning martial artist who is so passionate about it as well as extremely respectful of all traditional aspects of being a martial artist, including philosophy and rituals fighters do before jumping into the ring. 

Dean Williams made room to write the songs for his full length album to be released later in the year. “Back In The Game” is his debut single that will be released in the coming weeks and distributed worldwide by the Third Verse company.

I had the chance to listen to the single and I must say that this Australian rocker Dean Williams has a bright and promising future.

The complete interview with Dean Williams, a very interesting one we had about a month ago, will be uploaded on this blog when the single “Back In the Game” is out.

In the meantime you can visit the Dean Williams official Facebook page at:




‘Garden Music Project’
…Inspired By Syd Barrett’s Artwork…
AR Garden Records/Cherry Red

The name of the CD, Inspired by Syd Barrett Artwork, might seem somewhat strange at first glance until you find out that the bands brilliant producer Adriana Rubio and Syd Barrett, the genius singer, guitarist, and main songwriter for the early days of Pink Floyd as well as an artist of haunting works share a unique talent called Synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one’s sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Both Adriana and Syd have a Synesthesia known as Grahame or color synesthesia, which simply put for us Layman turn objects into colors, and through these colors the person can see what some might called aura's, and in doing so become one with the persons soul.

Producer Adriana Rubio took her Synergistic abilities to look beyond the magnificent artwork of Syd Barrett and journey into his soul, learning the true meaning of his work as his heart felt as he painted them. These insights were then passed onto the band members of Garden Music Project, who created a passage way to the mind and body of Syd Barrett's artwork.

Adriana Rubio's producing of this CD is nothing short of a exorcise in perfection. A kaleidoscope of seemingly magical colors that remove the listener from their bodies, and astral project them into a world that few have ever seen or felt before.

The songs were written by Adriana Rubio and band members Alex Ditzend, Stefan Ditzend, Nicolas Saganias and Fabrizio Gamba, with all the lyrics written by Alex Ditzend, except the song Transformation penned by Adriana Rubio. It should be no surprise based on the origins of this CD that the songs have an early Pink Floyd feel to them, a feel as if Syd Barrett had written them himself.

Each of the 12 masterpieces contained on this CD removes you from yourself, and takes you on a trip into psychedelicia, and puts you into a dream state of Ecstasy.

I have listened to this remarkable CD more times than I can remember, but I can assure you that I haven't listened to it enough, no by a long shot. Each time I put this CD on, usually with headphones on, I find myself transforming into a metamorphosis from being a human-being to liquid, floating over my body, as my mind fills with psychedelic colors and dreams that are not mine, but yet I find myself holding them dearly to my heart. I drift into the rabbit’s hole, only to find the spirit of Syd Barrett dancing madly about, singing uncontrollably, laughing in an insane manner that demands a smile, while his artwork comes alive and talks to me. Oh' yes, I get lost in this CD, and so will you.



From England, UK

Courtesy of Steve Gardner & Cassidy Young

The Surrey Rock Show with Steve officially launched in January 2015 after a few trial attempts at hosting the Rock Show in December 2014.

The idea is simple enough, to play a variety of rock music from new bands mixing them in with existing-established bands and the giants of the genre that are deemed classics now. Steve, or Mr. G as he is often referred to as, is constantly amazed by the geographical variety of his listeners.

‘I have listeners all over the UK but an almost equal amount in the US with Canada coming in a close third. When people started telling me they were in Europe and now also in Australia, it just baffles the mind that the reach is so far from our little studio in The Surrey Hills’

Steve often jokes that the studio is in the treetops of the Surrey Hills, which is a very green county with a largely untouched countryside bearing in mind its proximity to London.

‘The studio is in a small town called Leatherhead which is just outside the M25 ring road that keeps Londoners contained for the most part! It’s the home of Sir Michael Cain when he is in England and a whole host of other celebrities and sports stars. Some who have been into the studio to record pieces that go out on this community based radio station”.

The Surrey Rock Show is aired on a Saturday morning but is then uploaded to Mixcloud for the growing audience to play at their convenience. Steve then tweets about the show from the twitter account @SurreyRockShow offering suggestions of ‘Rock Sandwiches’ named because he generally plays the tracks in threes.

‘I do three tracks at a time as often listeners don’t have a full 2 hours to listen to the show which is internet based. Giving the timings out on Twitter means that the listener can go directly to a combo that they like the sound of. I will try to mix up two known bands with a new band or two new bands with an established act as the ‘filling’ for that sandwich! It’s an idea that seems to be working as the listening figures are fairly consistent each week’.

A new addition to the show is a once a month ‘Girls That Rock’ hour. Aired on the first show of the month the hour is made up of female fronted rock bands only. Steve mentioned

‘I decided to do the GTR hour (Girls That Rock) because some of the best rock out there right now is by bands with female leads & they are not getting the attention or respect they are due. The first GTR hour went out in April 2015 and it drew a lot of attention to the show. I’m getting a lot of tracks sent to me from bands I have never heard of and soon, I think a whole show of ‘Girls That Rock’ will be doable! And do it I will!’

The Surrey Rock Show can be found at: 

It airs every Saturday at 10:00hrs GMT or on Mixcloud via the twitter feed @SurreyRockShow.  

The Surrey Rock Show also has a facebook page where the latest show is always posted: