I want to thank everyone for stopping by and reading my blog. It has been visited by hundreds weekly since I started it in early 2011 and has turned to thousands and thousands readers worldwide!

THANK YOU READERS FROM: Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Greece, Philippines, Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Australia and more!

VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO: artists, musicians, actors, film directors, book authors and everyone I've talked to. YOUR voices are strong because the work you all do is amazing: Cara Mastrey, Angela Albee, Tawn Mastrey Foundation, Decay Of The Angel, INK, Ben De Loenen, Howard Lotsof (RIP), Cy Kobey, David Graham Scott, Johnny Strong, Throw The Fight, Derek Jordan, Pat Gesualdo, Pretty Green, Ian Halperin, Alex Lato, Ron Isbell, Will Beattie, Max Riske and many, many more! 

I also want to thank Rob Saunders of DEUCE Management in the UK for the huge list of unsigned acts he promotes all over the planet: The Fuse, Fretless, Dream Aria, All Our Yesterday, Raw Deal, Spleen Poetry, Franco and the Dreadnought, Vaudeville & Bad Omens, Stone Ticket and many, many more!

Despite some difficulties I had to face during the year when the death of a young family member happened plus the cancer fight of my mother… and although I haven’t been able to write any articles for this blog lately, the balance of the year 2011 is by far positive. Life is a learning process especially when hard times knock on your door.

For the record, the most successful stories and articles still attracting readers worldwide on this blog are: Howard Lotsof-Ibogaine, Cy Kobey, Detox or Die, Eat This! (Tawn Mastrey Foundation), Ian Halperin, Pat Gesualdo (The Art Of Drum Therapy), Johnny Strong, The Fuse, INK, Dirty Harry and Fretless.

Thank you all for the music, movies, art, stories and kind words!

Peace, Love & Respect. Happy New Year 2012 to you all!
See you soon!
Adriana Rubio