Article by Adriana Rubio

Ciudadano Vagabundo is the side Project of bass player, singer and songwriter Javier Cittadini of Argentine Rock Band “111” (Ciento Once) among some other bands he worked with until last year.

Ciudadano Vagabundo is the result of a last minute decision when the artist feels that there’s no true compromise in a band anymore and/or goals are not the same between band members so Javier convinced himself to ride this path alone.

Ciudadano Vagabundo is Javier Cittadini’s first true solo EP. He wrote all the songs, plays all the instruments and sings. The EP counts with a hit track titled “Sin Miedo a la Muerte” (“No Fear To Death”), a warm song that defies the conformism, expressing contemporary thoughts in times of domestic violence worldwide. The song was recorded as a duet with Rosario Ruiz, a new talented female singer with a bright singing future.

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