November 16th, 2013
Tickets $12.00

Exclusive Interview with Singer
Max Riske
The Voice of Chicago

One of the biggest events happening in Chicago every year is the “Chill Fest Chicago”. Over 100 artists perform in 30 music venues in the Wicker Park Bucktown Area of Chicago.

“It is all about CONNECTION and MUSIC!”
-Max Riske-

Max Riske, a singer-musician and award winning from Chicago is the lead singer for “The Root Cause”. Max has an uncountable number of successful live performances and recording sessions on a giant resume. Max Riske was born to make music, sing and perform. The blood running in his veins has a title: ROCK MUSIC!

Due to the unbeatable music trajectory Max has in Chicago, he got the call to help with the event.

“I was approached by the WPCC/Chicago to help recruit the artists for this event. One of the Board members knows me through the band "Richard Seng" and he approached me about trying to help because I do have large number of friends who are musicians”.

“We are trying to show Chicago and the world our amazing music scene. This fest really had me involved in pushing the Chicago Music Scene”.

“The Root Cause” will be performing the Evening event at 8:30pm at Subterranean.

Set list is as follows:

·        Dreaming of home
·        Easy to be greedy
·        Question
·        Common man
·        Ticket to no where
·        Your the best of me
·        To become

“The Root Cause” will also play a variety of new songs from their upcoming album which is expected to be released in June, 2014.

“My band has received a lot of attention because of my involvement in this and I have been doing a lot of media interviews and performances to promote this. There will be VIP people coming too.”

“The WPCC is trying to push the neighborhood and the shops and venues along with the local music scene. It is a fest like no other. All musicians are playing for free”.

“I am very proud to have accomplished this with my band manager of MOTU MANAGEMENT Paul Grachan. We have a lot of the venues donating food and beer of the main event too”.

“We also count with the unconditional support of Chicago FM Radio Stations: FM 88.7, 97.9 The Loop and 101.1”.

November 16th, 2013
Tickets $12.00




The Newest Album by

Album Review by Adriana Rubio
Pictures: Courtesy of Gilles Rawson
Cover Art by Ariel Wilcox
Logo Design By Emma Daniels & Ariel Wilcox

Raw Deal’s newest album titled “The Hell With You” is a seven tracks EP recorded, produced and pre-mixed by Gilles Rawson and Bret Sinclair, mastering and additional mixing by James Plester.

“The Hell With You” is the result of very good songwriting played by talented rock musicians. The album offers a variety of very well performed songs.

The opening track is “Salvation”, a smart start with a captivating tune and singing melody that encourage the listener to sing along. And in a blink of an eye a head-banging riff fills the air with the second track “Corrosion”, a powerful one for heavy stuff lovers.  

“The Hell With You” is the second album by Raw Deal since the release of “All Our Yesterdays” in 2011. There’s a noticeable growth here. If you are a fan of Raw Deal you may note the songwriting for this seven tracks EP has reached a high level. Songs like “Until You’re Gone”, “She” and “Donna’s Dream” are undoubtedly the best examples to prove the beauty of well written lyrics accompanied by touchy singing melodies along with the rest of the instruments.

Gilles Rawson: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic
and Electric Guitar.

Bret Sinclair: Electric Guitar, All Guitar Solos, Piano, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Bass Guitar and Drum loops.

“The Hell With You” promises a bright future for both Raw Deal and the fans!


1. Salvation

2. Corrosion

3. Carpe Diem

4. Your Crown Of Thorns

5. Until You're Gone

6. She

7. Donna's Dream

"Salvation" & "Donna's Dream" Lyrics & Music by G. Rawson.

"She" Lyrics by G. Rawson, Music by G. Rawson & B. Sinclair.

"Corrosion", "Carpe Diem", "Your Crown Of Thorns" & "Until You're Gone" Lyrics by G. Rawson, Music by B. Sinclair.

For further info on Raw Deal’s “The Hell With You”, feel free to visit the links below:



By Adriana Rubio
Pictures: Courtesy of Nicky Barot

-Hollywood Music’s Newest Talent-

Nicky Barot, a 19 y/old pop-rocker musician, is already a musical force to be reckoned with, having showcased the skills and drive to become Hollywood music's newest talent.

Nicky jumped into the music world at the age of seven inspired by his father’s music collection – AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses. He received his first six-string guitar and naturally became a student of rock. Around that time Nicky was a self-taught guitarist, but soon after he was called a "prodigy" by his instructors as he was becoming a singer, songwriter and guitarist so quickly. 

In 2005, Nicky Barot earned a well deserved victory at the International Presentation of Performers in New York where he fascinated the audience with and outstanding stage presence and impressive guitar licks.

Nicky is the kind of musician who has garnered the attention of top producers and has co-written with some music legends. He found himself working through a collaboration with producer Michael Binikos on a song that was recalibrated to make possible the outcome of his first victorious Demo titled: “What Were You Thinking?” in 2007.

“I was rehearsing with my band at a studio in Los Angeles and, out of the blue, Slash came in. He heard my music and walked into our room to meet me. I also spent time with Doc Holladay. Meeting people who are so successful but still humble inspires me. I feel blessed”.

Inspired by the song's terrific success and making non-stop front-page news, Nicky spent the next three years touring from Orange County, California to Costa Rica, where he delighted thousands of fans with nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar.

He returned to Southern California a conquering hero where he previously   won the Orange County Battle of the Bands, and continued with live performances for the enjoyment of hundreds of fans at Chain Reaction, The Roxy and The House Of Blues.

“Winning Battle of the Bands stands out for me. Playing in Costa Rica was just awesome...”

Nicky Barot devoted the entire year 2011 to co-writing with A-list songwriters such as Kenny Lamb (Justin Timberlake), Anthony Little (Tina Turner, Jessica Simpson), Dave Robbins (Eric Clapton) and Jason Deere (Lady Antebellum, LeAnn Rimes). In between, recording sessions in Nashville and LA took part of his busy schedule as Nicky also made room to shoot a music video while also making a true success television debut on HBO's Hung. 

Having drawn from an unparalleled diversity of musical influences, Nicky is especially focused on breaking through being humble and for the most part  exceptionally skilled in an industry where you’re eaten alive for a piece of the cake. He has actually demonstrated that talent is definitely the leading force to make your dreams happen.

“Daily circumstances and life mixed with my own musical influences inspire me to write songs. I enjoy the process...that's why I've been at it for 11 years and I'm only 19 now. Life in general gives me inspiration not to mention this crazy world we live in”.

In 2012 Nicky Barot released his new EP titled “Me”, produced by industry veteran Mickey Jack Cones (Kelly Clarkson, Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean). “Me” crosses the lines of musical and cultural boundaries with full pop-rock tunes shot through tracks to conquer arena venues.

“Dave Grohl is probably my biggest inspiration, though our music is a bit different and we certainly don't look the same!”

While the half-Indian Nicky Barot may not be the spitting image of the Nirvana drummer turned Foo Fighters front man, he certainly is the newest music talent attracting producers and packing up audiences from coast to coast as well as being globally recognized since his music and songwriting style got the attention of London, UK Deuce Management & Promotions.

The Industry said it:

“Nicky is more than an extraordinary singer, songwriter and musician. Nicky is a star! He has it all–talent, drive, focus, commitment, image and personality. You know that rare, indescribable, all-encompassing "it" quality? Nicky has "it.”Mickey Jack Cones – Producer

“Nicky's writing reveals someone wise beyond their years. He knows what he wants to say, and knows the direction he wants to go musically to be true to who he is as an artist”. – Dave Robbins

“Songwriting is a very personal creative experience, and the connection between songwriters determines the quality of their creative output. Nicky's humble personality, combined with his guitar mastery, creates a wonderful environment to connect and create. Co-writing with Nicky was not only a pleasurable experience–it was magical”.Anthony Little – Songwriter

Ila Barot – 562-243-7121