“The Octopus”
To Turn into a Music Track For a Neuroscience Project

Artwork: Courtesy of Ian Barrett
Pictures: Courtesy of Ian Barrett Jurassic Jewellery

Ian Barrett is a well known artist from Manchester, UK, the owner of Jurassic Jewellery and master creator of the most beautiful and fashion jewellery made out of Fossils, Moon Rocks and Meteorites. Ian’s creativity has no limit and fascinates his fans around the world to travel right to the Moon, Mars or Jupiter by offering the finest kind and most affordable jewellery made with real natural materials. Ian is a passionate artist who loves mixing natural science, celestial objects and galactic phenomena as the main inspiring components for his Jurassic Jewellery as well as for his painting artworks. 

Ian Barrett is the nephew of Syd Barrett, an English musician born in Cambridge, UK, a visual artist by nature, a Synesthete songwriter, composer and singer worldwide known as the founding member and front-man for Pink Floyd.

The art of Ian Barrett has also been inspired by the early music of his uncle. Some of his painting artworks reflect the primary elements used by Syd Barrett on musical compositions such as “Astronomy Domine”, “Octopus”, “Effervescent Elephant”, “Dark Globe” and many others. It looks like a personal way to keep alive the legacy of his uncle Roger “Syd” Barrett for the new generations.

A watercolor artwork titled “The Octopus” has been chosen amongst a number of outstanding paintings Ian Barrett kindly sent to choose from for a leading Neuroscience Project on Synesthesia. The painting is being decoded by Adriana Rubio, a music journalist, book author and screenwriter who was born a Synesthete with Asperger Syndrome.

(In July 2014 Adriana Rubio AKA Garden Music Project released “Inspired By Syd Barrett’s Artwork”, a CD album of 12 tracks using 12 paintings made by Syd Barrett). 

The album is mentioned on the Official Syd Barrett Website:

Now, this new project is scientifically supported and supervised by a group of skillful Physicians in Neurology (Doctor Darío Lisei), Radiology and Brain Scanning (Doctor Juan Chomont) and Physics (Doctor Gabriela de Pino). It is a distinctive opening to study the neural basis of subjective experiences, documenting the entire process of Synesthesia in its diverse facets, including its cognitive, neural, and behavioral aspects. It is taking place in Buenos Aires at British Hospital, a public organization founded in 1844 which provides since then the best medical care and hospital services to the Argentine and English speaking communities and their descendants. 

Doctor Darío Lisei is the one closely working with Adriana Rubio. Aside from his duties as a Neurologist in a wide range of Clinics, Hospitals and Sanatoriums, Lisei also is a musician so he clearly understands the musical language while interacting with Rubio.

Watercolor Artwork “The Octopus” by Ian Barrett is currently being decoded by Adriana Rubio. The song will be played and recorded by “111”.

Lead Guitar & Lead Singing
Yamil Jadech

Rhythm Guitar
Sebastián Muguruza

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Javier Cittadini

Drums & Percussion
Darío Lisei

To learn more about Ian Barrett’s Jurassic Jewellery and Painting Artworks, please visit Ian’s official websites at: