September 29th, 2012

Article by Adriana Rubio
Pictures: Courtesy of Divine Sorrow 

“Divine Sorrow” is a progressive hard rock band from St. Louis, MO comprised of four talented musicians, Bryan Chappell (lead vocals and bass guitar), Matt Depew (lead guitar), Mike Sikorski (guitar) and Lee Skyles (drums).

In July of 2011 Divine Sorrow started playing live gigs in St. Louis, MO and surroundings pleasing the crowds with powerful heavy rock music and meaningful lyrics. 

Lead singer and bass player Bryan Chappell is the band’s gifted lyricist. Chappell is well known for his dark and tuneful writing style mostly described as an open journey to deep thinking.

On May 18th, 2012 Divine Sorrow released the first full-length CD “Tales Of Descension”. It’s an eight tracks album recorded at “Saw Horse Studios” in St. Louis, MO and engineered by Jason McEntire. “Tales Of Descension” was musically produced by Divine Sorrow and Jason McEntire.

This album is without a doubt the result of hard work and wise songwriting. “Tales Of Descension” offers the kind of tunes that invite the listener to sing along right from the start especially on tracks like “Judas”, “Everything” and “Asunder”

These four talented rockers certainly know what playing rock music means. They know what they do and are by far clever at the time of reaching the highest point in songs like “Creeping/Shadows & Sorrow”

“Tales Of Descension” Tracks Listing:
1 - Ascension
2 - Eden
3 - Everything
4 - Throne
5 - Creeping / Shadows and Sorrow
6 - Judas
7 - Asunder
8 – Mary

“Tales Of Descension” is now available at the following sites:



“Divine Sorrow” won the “Charter Center Stage Contest” which was officially announced on Wednesday, September 13th. This contest triumph for Divine Sorrow is a full package of $25,000 that positions the band as the top unsigned act in the Nation. Additionally and as part of the contest win, Divine Sorrow will be on the big stage to open for the “All American Rejects” on September 29th at “Soldier Memorial Park” in St. Louis, MO.

“Asunder” official video:


“Everything” official video: 
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