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Album Review by Adriana Rubio
Pictures: Courtesy of Gilles Rawson
Cover Art by Ariel Wilcox
Logo Design By Emma Daniels & Ariel Wilcox

Raw Deal’s newest album titled “The Hell With You” is a seven tracks EP recorded, produced and pre-mixed by Gilles Rawson and Bret Sinclair, mastering and additional mixing by James Plester.

“The Hell With You” is the result of very good songwriting played by talented rock musicians. The album offers a variety of very well performed songs.

The opening track is “Salvation”, a smart start with a captivating tune and singing melody that encourage the listener to sing along. And in a blink of an eye a head-banging riff fills the air with the second track “Corrosion”, a powerful one for heavy stuff lovers.  

“The Hell With You” is the second album by Raw Deal since the release of “All Our Yesterdays” in 2011. There’s a noticeable growth here. If you are a fan of Raw Deal you may note the songwriting for this seven tracks EP has reached a high level. Songs like “Until You’re Gone”, “She” and “Donna’s Dream” are undoubtedly the best examples to prove the beauty of well written lyrics accompanied by touchy singing melodies along with the rest of the instruments.

Gilles Rawson: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic
and Electric Guitar.

Bret Sinclair: Electric Guitar, All Guitar Solos, Piano, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Bass Guitar and Drum loops.

“The Hell With You” promises a bright future for both Raw Deal and the fans!


1. Salvation

2. Corrosion

3. Carpe Diem

4. Your Crown Of Thorns

5. Until You're Gone

6. She

7. Donna's Dream

"Salvation" & "Donna's Dream" Lyrics & Music by G. Rawson.

"She" Lyrics by G. Rawson, Music by G. Rawson & B. Sinclair.

"Corrosion", "Carpe Diem", "Your Crown Of Thorns" & "Until You're Gone" Lyrics by G. Rawson, Music by B. Sinclair.

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