To stop the spread of Hepatitis C (HCV)…
To provide education on this disease…
Hepatitis C is the number one reason people require liver transplants.

Our “Leland” movie benefits
Tawn Mastrey Foundation

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Tawn's sister "Cara Mastrey" plays the role of Deborah Hanson, the girlfriend of our main character "Leland Campbell" played by FilmBreak Actor "Matt Harrison".

About Rock DJ Tawn Mastrey:
Tawn Mastrey, International radio legend –AKA “The Leather Nun”- known for decades, became a victim of Hepatitis C, (HCV), which took her early from us, devastating her family and millions of radio fans.  Tawn and her sister Cara Mastrey, decided at that time, to create an organization that would change lives and help prevent further families from being destroyed by this insidious disease.  Tawn contracted HCV accidently as a child and it remained undetected for over 30 years. Too late.

About Robbie Robfogel:
Robbie Robfogel -AKA “Razor”, the singer of “Metal Knights”. Another HCV HERO coming public about his suffering from the disease helping to save others lives who were also suffering and dying. Robbie titled himself "TMF BASTARD NO 1". And he was! He had a liver transplant and had issues keeping it in his body suffering skin cancers having his face slowly over time surgeries carving out pieces of his face. Hepatitis C is an ugly cruel disease.

About Roy Van Horne:
Roy Van Horn, a Soldier of HCV Dragon Slayer and a Vietnam Veteran died after suffering for years from Hepatitis C. Roy was one of the biggest TMF-HCV advocates. He handled the prisons, homeless shelters, and every place around the globe where HCV is most prevalent. 

Tawn Mastrey Foundation honors these angels who were volunteers to get the word out about the importance of getting tested to HCV.
HCV is spread primarily by blood-to-blood contact.
The most common ways are:
  • Blood contact through sharing IV needles and equipment that has not been cleaned between users.
  • Organ transplants and blood transfusions prior to 1992.
  • Sexual transmission – Hepatitis C may be sexually transmitted as well. Factors associated with sexual transmission are:
    • Sex at an early age
    • Sex with multiple partners
    • Presence of other STDs
    • Sex with trauma (for example, rough sex, rape or sexual abuse)
    • Transmission through oral sex has not been documented.
  • Neonatal transmission Hepatitis C may be passed from an infected mother to her baby.

It is estimated that around 4 million Americans have been infected with Hepatitis C, of whom 2.7 million have chronic infections. Each year, it is estimated that there are 36,000 new infections in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of those new infections, only 25 to 30 percent will have symptoms. That means many people will become infected with Hepatitis C and not know it right away.

HCV is currently at 500 million worldwide, and is scheduled to take in 1 billion more by 2015 (.gov).

To stop the spread of Hepatitis C (HCV)…
To provide education on this disease…
Hepatitis C is the number one reason people require liver transplants.

Our “Leland” movie benefits Tawn Mastrey Foundation.

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Join us, support us and hype us up every day! 
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As a music journalist-writer myself I witnessed the rise and fall of many artists. They've inspired me deeply to create "Leland Campbell", a fictional character that everyone would love to be real. During the creation process and story development I counted with the support of Director John Brandon. We really enjoyed writing together "Leland", a story that touched our hearts deeply.

"Leland" is a unique film. It presents itself as the chronicle behind the newspaper story of a topic that doesn't seem to be taken seriously by its readers all that often... the life of a Rock Star.

Journalist character Andrea Marchi digs and discovers Leland Campbell is much deeper than the typical superficial Rock Star. He is a talented human being who tries to light his own darkness in life with art and beauty, in the form of powerful music and paintings. Leland  is famous for his music but also gets recognition as a credible painter artist because of a Red Door artwork, a prop that stands out in all his music videos and concert appearances.

Andrea Marchi wishes to show the audience the human side of Leland Campbell from above the Rock Star as she realizes the Red Door is so much more than a prop. But... Would Leland Campbell allow her to do it?

Logline: "The mystery of Leland Campbell's red door artwork becomes the number one assignment for St. Louis Sun newspaper writer Andrea Marchi".

Synopsis: "A local newspaper writer Andrea Marchi follows Leland Campbell musical career on his way to fame and fortune as the lead singer for the rock band Sun King. During the journey Andrea witnesses the craziness of a rock tour, and discovers that Leland is also a very talented painter artist. She encounters all sorts of strange stories and speculation surrounding one of Leland’s famous paintings which opens all Sun King concerts in a video board: A Red Door".

Starring FilmBreak Actor Matt Harrison and actress Cara Mastrey of Tawn Mastrey Foundation. Soundtrack by Divine Sorrow.

"Leland" is not just a film about a rock star, but a film about an artist as seen through the eyes of a journalist seeking the truth behind Leland Campbell's red door artwork. A film loaded with powerful rock music and meaningful lyrics, unusual and awkward moments and conflicts. It's also about how a newspaper story is conceived, investigated, written and finally delivered to its readers. It's the perfect blend of rock and roll and journalism, two powerful and fascinating topics.

"Leland" is currently seeking for investors. We are open and willing to hear/consider any fair terms by investors. We seek to place our film into film festivals in the American, Canadian, European, Australian and South American venues . The film’s language will be English, however we plan to use subtitles for French, Spanish and Italian.

We are also building an audience! Our Leland project film is listed on FilmBreak, a serious film company based in Los Angeles, CA!!! Join us, support us and hype us up every day! We need to increase our project score! You can do that by visiting "Leland" at:

Our Leland trailer was edited by prestigious Hollywood film editor David McErlain!To watch trailer, please request link and password at: writeradrianarubio@gmail.com

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Peace, Love, Respect
Adriana Rubio