The Splitz are an American Alternative band formed in 1986 in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI by guitarist / singer John Jaco, drummer Scott E. Berendt and bass player Mark Arnold. Later on, lead singer Tim McEvoy and keyboardist Dan Schneider were added to complete the new band line up.
The band achieved regional success and the interest of Slash / Warner Brothers in 1990. But the band declined a recording contract. The band went officially on a hiatus for two decades after self recording and distributing their first CD effort “”Minus One” in 1992.
The Splitz re-formed as a trio, and after 26 years hiatus they officially released a ten track full length CD titled “Mortality Curve” on November 29th, 2018.

Band Members

  • John Jaco - Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Scott E. Berendt - Drums
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Rock From Chicago

Steamvalve Nation’s mission is to keep Hard Rock music alive, in a fresh way highlighting the classic rock sound style. They have a big fan base in Chicago, IL.

Band Members


  • Terry Tuccori ( Punisher ) – Lead guitar and Lead Singing
  • Victor Arre - Drums
  • Wayne Evans - Bass
  • Dalia Kisielius - Singer

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From Austin, Texas

According to a statement on Reverbnation, Sam Watkins learned to love many different styles of music while on the streets of Austin, TX, but he has always loved the raw power of live music.
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