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Rockin’ the Wall
– 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall – 
Announcing US Theatrical Tour & DVD and Digital Release!

Featuring David Paich (Toto), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge), Jimmy Haslip(Yellowjackets), and Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot).

Studio City, CALightyear Entertainment and Specialty Studios, in association with Rockin’ the Wall Studios announce the Consumer release of “Rockin’ the Wall” on November 4th, 2014. And a US Fall 2014 Theatrical Tour in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The feature length documentary offers an entertaining exploration of the power of rock music as a force for social change & liberation.

The film by Larry Schweikart and Marc Leif is based on Schweikart’s book “Seven Events That Made America America.” It shows how music become a liberating force behind the Iron Curtain and helped give strength to the anti-communist revolution.

The documentary features interviews with several well-known rock musicians, including David Paich (Toto), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets), and Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot), and Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge), as well as individuals who experienced life behind the Soviet controlled side of the wall.

The official motion picture soundtrack for “Rockin’ the Wall” includes more than a dozen original or newly performed songs, featuring powerful re-makes of 60’s and 70’s classics “Ball of Confusion,” “People Got to be Free,” and “Train Kept a Rollin’” as well as original songs by Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge, Peter Rivera, and Mother’s Finest, as well as all songs performed in the film.

“Music has the power to change the world!” – David Paich (Toto)

Schweikart is going ‘on tour’ with the film and will be participating in post screening discussions providing audiences with a rare opportunity to get an even better understanding of this monumental moment in history.

Since September, the “Rockin’ the Wall – 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall” tour has been in Dayton, Cincinnati, Greenville, Ohio, Toledo, Atlanta, Asheville, N.C., Greensboro, N.C, Raleigh, N.C., Cullowee, N.C., Danbury, CT, Winter Garden, FL, Ave Maria, FL.

Future USA Fall 2014 Tour dates below:

10/14, Wheeling, West Liberty University
10/30, Eureka, IL, Eureka College
11/4, Tacoma, University of Washington
11/6, Los Angeles, Luxe Hotel Sunset
11/7, Seton High School, Mesa, AZ
11/8, Chandler, AZ, Chandler Center for the Arts
11/9 (pending) Scottsdale, AZ, Shea Harkins Theater
11/14, Fulton, MO, Churchill Museum/Westminster College
11/20, Grand Rapids, MI, Acton Institute
12/1 (pending) Chicago, Theater of the Arts/Polish American Film Society
2/2015 (pending) Notre Dame and a Dallas showing.

All dates and locations are posted on the film’s website:

Schweikart is available to add more Theatrical screenings, but will need the public’s help. Visit the film’s website to learn how you can be a part of this amazing opportunity and get free tickets to your screening for family & friends at:

DVD Release:

“Rockin’ the Wall” will be released on DVD and digitally by Lightyear Entertainment, a distributor of independent films and music founded in 1987 (www.lightyear.com) , through eOne Distribution, in association with Specialty Studios, a fully integrated media, content and distribution studio that harnesses the power of socially conscious media to touch hearts and engage minds:

Consumer DVD and Digital distribution will commence next month with a street date of November 4, 2014.
To learn more contact Lightyear:

Sky Spooner, 917-407-2771, 

View trailer here.
To pre-order:

Larry Schweikart, Filmmaker: 937-231-8387,

DVD & Digital Sales:
Margaret Poindexter, 415-382-1459,

Sky Spooner, 917-407-2771,

Educational Licensing:
Kelsey Smoot, 415-981-9710,

Press inquiries:
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…A Passionate Movie Star…
Interview & Article By Adriana Rubio
Photographs Courtesy of:
Todd Jenkins & Timothy Ryan Cole

“…I like challenging roles. I like to explore the dark sinister characters sometimes…”

The interview with Actor Gary Cairns started at 9:00 am (PST) via Skype video call. A few tense seconds filled the room prior to make the call. I was visualizing his main role on “Malignant”, you know, just thinking about that creepy experiment! So just in case I texted him “Do you prefer video call or just a call?”… Text back “Video is fine”… Oh My…!

“Hello”… He is right there! A young man with a nice smile wearing a hoodi made by Actor/Musician/Martial Artist Johnny Strong! Both play roles on the upcoming feature “Daylight’s End”, an action/horror movie written by Chad Law and directed by William Kaufman. Lucky me… I’m not a zombie! The picture below says it all!

“It was a dream to work with a director like William Kaufman. Will is the sweetest guy in the planet. He put such a great cast around me, a group of very talented people that really made my job easier. Like I said, it was a dream to work with him and the same about being with my bro Chad Law. I wish I could have more Daylight’s End in the near future. See this? (turns around a little bit so I could see his room), I have an empty space right here on the wall. I’m waiting for the movie poster to be signed by everyone”. (Laughs!)
“Johnny Strong is awesome; I’m wearing one of his hoodies (Laughs!) He is a real deal, an artist in the highest level, someone who is very professional and focused when he goes on set. If people want to take pictures with him, he will but it’s not going to happen until he finishes. He is there shooting a film and nothing’s gonna get him out of his way. He is a true artist, you know, he is an actor, makes movies, knives, plays music, he is a martial artist. You learn a lot with him, he is one of my favorite people. Working with him you grow not only as an actor but as a human being”.  

Gary Cairns was born in Cleveland, OH and moved around as a child to Texas and Colorado. His acting career started a little by little at the age of eight in North California, going then deeper into it after moving to Huntington Beach at the age of ten. He entered into the commercials field for Starbucks, Sears and Cheerios amongst many others.

His passion for acting was increasingly motivated by a non-stop routine of call after call for castings, TV stuff and commercials. All this together led him to get a part on “The Good Humor Man”, a feature film written and directed by Tenney Fairchild. 

“I started doing commercials when I was eight but there was this director Tenney Fairchild who kept hiring me and hiring me. And then he did a movie which is called The Good Humor Man and he put me in a little role so I did that, shot that in September 2003. It was the first feature film that I was a part of, and everything just goes from there”.


Gary Cairns is a talented actor who is not where he is at now by miracle but passion for acting, hard work and deeply focusing in developing the characters as well as being open and ready to casting calls and auditions for several acting proposals.

“Casting is so important. I’ve been making auditions on tape mainly. I’ve got actually an audition tape for another movie. And this is pretty much the way it works, they want me to do a role, but they want to see me doing it and then discuss it with me before we decide if we are going to make it or not”.

“I definitely prepare for whatever the role is to audition. I know people that read and memorize the lines and that’s good enough, not me. I pretty much like to shut down and really focus on the role and study”.

“At the end of the day and even though I’m not literally reading the lines, I memorize them subconsciously and subconsciously until I really go into the character. If you really go to audition, you just want to do your best and be creative in developing the character even though you don’t get the part. It doesn’t mean you are bad, you know, sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t. It’s variable”. 


Gary Cairson is known for his roles on TV Series like N.Y.P.D Blue, Criminal Minds, Malcolm in the Middle, Once and Again, and also for his appearance with Timothy Olyphant on the FX series Justified. Gary is actually very much recognized in the big screen for his roles on feature films such as Hero Wanted opposite Cuba Gooding Jr. and Norman Reedus, Mad World, The Last Hurrah, The Night Visitor with Brianne Davis, and Lost In A Crowd, an Indie Drama Film that goes deep to the core. This features been written and directed by Micah Cohen, and starred by Timothy Ryan Cole, Luke Albright and David L. Murphy.

“I like characters like the one I play in Lost In A Crowd, Luther. As an actor it’s very interesting when you have to deal with a character that stands out in the script. It’s even more challenging because you have a role that stands out and is your job to really deliver there”.

Gary Cairns has also starred a main role in the independent feature Malignant with Brad Dourif, one of the most admired and legendary actors, a thriller directed by Brian-Avenet Bradley.

“I’m the main, main guy, Allex, in Malignant. Sometimes you like to work with them, sometimes you don’t. But I like challenging roles. I like to explore the dark sinister characters sometimes…” (Laughs).
Gary Cairns also has credits as a writer on three films: Over Yonder, a western inspired by Gary himself and his friend and co-writer Chad Law, The Hype, a story about justice and freedom, and Monumental, a story about two young men journey across the U.S.A to honor one's mother by spreading her ashes at monuments she always dreamed of visiting.

“Monumental is currently on post-production. It’s a film I wrote and star with Luke Albright. We shot it last summer. Now, we are dealing with all the technical stuff like some sound that we got it new, but it is all shot. It could be all done by now, but I had to slow it down as I was busy shooting other films”.

In the meantime, Gary Cairns keeps busy reading scripts, preparing for more auditions, writing and focusing in getting some deals tied up before the holidays so then he can relax a little bit, enjoy family time and be a Daddy, the most real character in life, himself.

To watch Lost In A Crowd:

Malignant is currently available on all streaming sites such as Amazon, Vudu, iTunes and more. It will be out on DVD very early in 2015.




For further info and updates you can follow Gary Cairns on facebook and twitter’s official pages: