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 Article and EP review By Adriana Rubio
“Exploratory Penetration” is the most recent release by legendary band “The Marquis de Sade”, a prog/rock group formed by Radio Rock Personality Singer Mark Yandle in 1970. Yandle is also known worldwide as Sir Magic Mark.

“Exploratory Penetration” is a 3 track EP offering the Classic Rock tunes we miss very much these days. It’s a delightful voyage to the 70s where most of the Rock music genres had started to discover their own style and sound.

“The Marquis de Sade” band has a story as no other with five members coming from a variety of musical backgrounds. They were welcomed by a big audience in California and received good reviews from the press.

“The lead singer moves on stage like he was all five of the Rolling Stones rapped  into one person”.
Cash Box Magazine

“They are Super Stars and it’s only a matter of time before the world knows it”.
Cash Box Magazine.

“The wildest group in the world”.
Rock On Magazine.

The Marquis de Sade band was around for some time performing live gigs and playing really sold out shows. They were a fabulous group full of talent and energy with the right attitude to succeed massively as their musical influences from Rock’n’Roll, Hard Rock, Rhythm & Blues to Progressive Rock made the songwriting become a magnet for huge audiences, but unfortunately things were not that good in terms of Record Companies, a true story that I really ask you all to read. Link provided at the end of this article.

“Exploratory Penetration”, the EP by The Marquis de Sade band is the result of a recording from 1979 that got lost and never before released until 2018. A must listen by everyone who wants to hear and revive the rock sound of the 70s where musicians better be good because there weren’t options to fix playing mistakes or out of tune singing as in today’s recording sessions. These 3 tracks truly expose the power of the vintage sound as no other, the old school music vibe with that rock attitude not often heard these days.

“Exploratory Penetration”, the EP by The Marquis de Sade starts with the commanding hard rocking track “What are we going to do”, a non-stop head banging song in the veins of Deep Purple. It then slows the adrenaline down a little on the second track “I must move on” a very emotive song that evokes the grief of being rejected by a Record Label, and the last track “Sail Away”, another successful song from the English Vintage Rock sound catalogue remarkably well performed and produced. There’s no doubt that those who had the opportunity to see The Marquis de Sade perform live really rocked it!

Dana Rasch, a renowned and respected fusion/jazz guitarist together with Singer Mark Yandle made this release possible. The lost recordings of the rock band the Marquis de Sade from 1979 was finally released in 2018.  Called the wildest band in the world by Rock On Magazine, This band cranks out hard rock, prog/rock and kick ass rock n' roll like you've never heard before. They are true originals.  

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Genre: Rock: 70's Rock
Release Date: 2018

Unfortunately three of the five band members have passed away ovr the years, they are survived by Mark Yandle and Dana Rasch.

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