Like a locomotive train… ALL ABOARD!

'Slaying the Red Dragon'!
By Adriana Rubio

Founder/Chairman, Producer, Director of Tawn Mastrey Foundation (TMF), Singer, Actress, concerned Mom Cara Mastrey is currently in Los Angeles, CA and will be there for the entire month of May. She is promoting Tawn Mastrey’s EAT THIS! Cookbook/HVC guide. Proceeds go 100% to Tawn Mastrey Foundation. Cara is also making a video documentary on her beloved sister Rock DJ Tawn Mastrey, so she will be interviewing and documenting all Tawn’s friends in Los Angeles. 

“I'm going to be interviewed on Monday, May 9th, 2011 4:00PM (PST) with Junkman at KNAC! Promoting Tawn Mastrey's 'Eat This' Cookbook/HCV guide. I'm in Los Angeles to 'Slay the Dragon'. "Rock HARD Live Long”! http://www.knac.com/ .Cara Mastrey invites everyone to participate! 

The Tawn Mastrey Foundation was created to make a lasting mark and a truly positive difference in helping to eradicate the Hepatitis C Virus and to stamp out the ignorance about this disease while raising critical awareness worldwide. 

“We will not be ignored until the dragon is slayed! Time is NOW. Are you on board? ALL ABOARD! Get on the train because we are going worldwide and TMF will be on the map by 2012 and NOTHING can stop us. Tawn's beautiful spirit is CALLING ALL friends to end the suffering”. Cara Mastrey convincingly says.

Tawn Mastrey, International radio legend known for decades, became a victim of Hepatitis C, (HCV), which took her early from us, devastating her family and millions of radio fans.  Tawn and her sister Cara Mastrey, decided at that time, to create an organization that would change lives and help prevent further families from being destroyed by this insidious disease.  Tawn contracted HCV accidently as a child and it remained undetected for over 30 years.  It was too late.  HCV is currently at 500 million worldwide, and is scheduled to take in 1 billion more by 2015 (.gov).

Tawn Mastrey said, "Rock Hard Live Long" and "Get Tested for HCV"TMF is in the forefront of this amazing campaign and raising awareness to free the world of HCV - 'Slaying the Red Dragon'!

"Eat This" Tawn's book. HCV life saving information. 100% proceeds go to Tawn Mastrey Foundation. Let's ROCK this Planet!

To order the book, please follow the link below:

Thank YOU!
Adriana Rubio
Journalist/Rock Writer/Book Author/Screenwriter
TMF Bitch Nº 9/ Promotions & Publicity


  1. Cara is my voice teacher. and an excellent friend. I am backing her and her daughter, Xaira Anthony up as I have paid over half the money needed to secure the no profit status of The Tawn Mastrey Foundation. I play primarily Christian music (I am a Christian) but with all the non profit garbage I have seen and endured through in the light of my wife's death and before, The Tawn Mastrey Foundation is a breath of fresh air in my life and I promised Cara that I will continue to support her, emotionally spritually and financially and I would encourage the Church at large to do this rather than make judgemental calls as to who is going to Heaven and who is going to Hell, These people who refer themselves as my friends, neither know me nor themselves while they rate themselves as "saved." There are statements in the Bible that warn us to even so much as EAT with these people. I would encourage all who are reading this statement to take this up with your family, your pastor, and all who believe that we have friends as opposed to "us and them" and dig deep to make the Tawn Mastrey Foundation more than (over and above all that Cara and Tawn could ever ask or think possible.) I never met Tawn. But as a musician myself: I wish I had. My love to you Cara and Damus. We're DEFINATELY GOING TO LIVE LONG AND ROCK HARD! Blessings to you, the reader. ritebhinducara! Later. Sincerely yours, Evangelist Kamp DW Welch of Micah 4:5-7. all smiles!

    1. Tawn's book "EAT THIS!" is something I am doing a review on. I'm not much of a reader. Most things I read ranges from The Bible to what I try to get in to as a non student of the Unviersity of Minnesota regarding psychology, which is my planned major. (besides pastoral studies elsewhere but nothing actual yet. But in the beginning of Tawns book 9the preface etc) I see substance in it. This (in the beginning) is a truly remarkable and well thought of and planned artistic piece of work. And it gives me a sense of great joy to remark on it (I am reviewing at least five books at once and placing each one on their perspective facebook pages) As I said before: I never knew Tawn, but I wish I had because what you say comes from your heart, and it is clear to me through Tawns writings that she had a tremendous heart. A servants' heart if you will. Her sister, Cara Mastrey has such a heart.
      When you have the statememt 'overworked and underpaid" it seems that The Mastrey Family although "overworked" never see that and don't indulge in dwelling in "underpaid'
      These are humble people. The inner of a quiet peace is their reward. We all need money, but as Cara once put it: "I hate money" I had to reply to her: (and you've GOT to love her)
      "Cara: I don't "hate';money, but I just don't "love" money. So, my thought is that "EAT THIS" is from a million generations o love and care in ways that no other family that has ever existed on this planet has actually been able to master with the uniqueness of a very finely tuned high voltage RADIO DISC JOCKEY in much the same way a previous record album done by Miles Davis displayed: "In A Silent Way." And when I get my own place to live, I am looking forward to trying the various recipes that were meant for ME to enjoy. As I said: Cara Mastrey is MUCH MORE TO ME than "just" my voice coach. But that same voice has come from a cookbook too. And you know what they say: "A way to a mans' heart....."

      Thank you.

      Love always

      Micah 4;5-7

  2. April 18, 2017:

    Hi Folks:
    This is Kamp Welch again still serving The Tawn Mastrey Foundation and will continue doing so:

    I don't know what Cara is going through but I am confident that she has about as many ways of maneuvering around settleless issues as I do. We don't enphasixe "money" to such an extent that it clouds our thinking and purpose behind what the money is for. It is for the education and awareness of how to deal with getting sick while using the generousity of many wonderfully talented musicians of conveying the message of taking strategic ways of taking care of your health. People I high caliber society should know this. I know one instance where a man who was well off and wanting to help the poor committed suicide. You kind of wonder who needs the help and you also consider that if William J Moneyman killed himself, then why am I wth nothing, feeling sorry for myself? I think as a society, we got priorities in life that are so far removed from life sustaining that dying is something we do and not think twice about it before we're actually dead. So, my request to you, dear reader is to have hope in the future and for the good and long lasting duration of your life because, after all: It IS "your life" God bless.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    sincerely yours,

    Micah 4:5-7

  3. happy New Year Adrianne and readers:
    I want to share that I believe that Cara has reached a true breaking point of her career with the Tawn Mastrey Foundation. Everything is hard yet nothing is easy but we haveto understand and take into consideration the multitudes of personalities that we face each day and that we are not always in agreement. A former pastor of mine had once started a comment when the church was against me and I didn;'t want to stay. He began by saying:
    "Bro Kamp: (I said: oh boy, here it comes and sure enough) "In a perfect world'..... so I urge you boyzngurlz to stick it out with those who love you and give generously to The Tawn Mastrey Foundation..

    Love always

    Micah 4:5-7

  4. And a very fantastic Happy New Year to you Adrianne and to all the people who read these posts. I want to comment today about my friend, cara Mastrey, or perhaps, this comment could be about and for all of as we continue to live in this heavy duty maze of dominos called LIFE. I believe, after talking with cara through e-mail last night that she is nearing the completion of the Life and Legacy of The Leather Nun. A documentary a bout the life and career of Cara's sister: The Late Miss Tawn Mastrey, I've always told myself whenever I have neared a completion of one of my long awaited dream come trues that I am either on the verge of a breakdown or a break through.My outcome is that I usually quit because I really don't want to know. But Cara is a bit stronger than I am. I don't have any problem with issues like: is the man or the woman "stronger"? It's not woth the argument. But prayer works for everyone and I would urge you boyzngurlz to pray for those who love you. They love you because they see in you great potential and outstanding worth and want to do everything they can to help you succeed in this utterly ridiculous circus called LIFE SOMEBODY has to make sense of it: Why not you? And so it is with Cara, and many of us if were really honest with ourselves. Now granted that some days are better than others, but all the more reason for ones own personal consistency in supporting


    Love always

    Evangelist Kamp DW Welch

  5. Hello again, Adriana:
    How goes the battle on your end?
    Peace and Love, Baby (and a lot of prayer)
    I don't know too much or care a hell of a lot about politics. But I don't mind giving updates and I thank the Lord for Adiana Rubio in her willingness to advocate in this resolve for the advocates. Cara has reently joined a group of freedom fighters known as "Q". I don't know a lot a lot about this organization except they gave Cara her own spot on Twitter in order to more effectively combat gun control and sex trafficking issues. A major league all out war against control freaks who carry an enormous amount of power in the money they make (or extort) or the control that they use o own your mind.ALL this in exchange for Q's promise to help Cara complete and produce Tawn Matrey Life Documentary. Other than Cara and her family: NO ONE wants to see this miracle take place more than I do. Please keep Q in your deepest prayers and may the Good Lord protect Cara in her dealings with these people. We all love optimism. That is because what we think may be a lie from Satan, is a blessed piece of truth frok God. When I was a child, I used to ask my mother things that got me this one quite clear no nonsense (Mothers are good at this) answer known as: "We'll see." So, for all the love amd support I personally have and have had over the years since Tawn Mastrey's unhappy death, I do hope and pray that we will actually "see." And I would like thank every one of you on behalf of Cara Mastrey for your support of this just cause which I still completely and firmly believe in. God bless all of you.

    Sincerely yours

    Evangelist Kamp DW Welch
    Advocate/Advocate and prayer warrior

    Be safe out there.

  6. I don't know if Cara has changed or if she is the same woman.
    I am a bit concerned and pray for her quite extensively. (for 12 years so far.)
    To say that I love this woman is a rather upsetting understatement But with God's help by the sovereign power of the Lord Jesus Christi of Nazareth, I will continue.

    Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

    Sincerely yours

    Evangelist Kamp DW Welch
    Micah 4:5-7 World Outreach Ministries

  7. Cara doesn't like me anymore.
    She says 'm stalking her. I don't understand it/
    I filed a police report on the individual supposedly helping
    her with the completion of the documentary. This individual accuses me being fraudulent with Cara If he is trying to help her, he can start by giving me a full
    refund of the twelve to thirteen years of help I have given her But the catch is this: Tawn and Cara had a very good idea by having the Tawn Mastrey Foundation. So, in keeping with that and accepting NO money for it: My facebook page: FRIENDS WHO LIKE CARA MASTREY will do the same thing.

    Sincerely hers

    Micah 4:5-7