"111" By "111"

Limited Edition 
Release Date February 28th, 2017

"111" By "111"

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Limited Edition

"111" Debut EP / Bragado Records is a six track CD filled with alternative rock music featuring Ian Barrett’s painting The Octopus.

Yamil Jadech: Lead Guitars & Lead Singing
Javier Cittadini: Bass Guitar
Darío lisei: Drums & Percussion
Sebastián Muguruza: Rhythm Lead Guitar

Guest musician on keyboards & piano: Esteban J. de la Llana.  

Track Listing:

1 El Esclavo
2 Cabezazo
3 Desdentado Engranaje
4 Tecno
5 Trenes
6 The Octopus (Featuring Ian Barrett's painting "The Octopus")

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Casa Frida Studio
January 2017
Drum Doctors Enzo Gullo & Fava Favelli



By "111" & Adriana Rubio
Featuring Ian Barrett's Painting
Bragado Records
CD Front Cover By M.A.M
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 "111" Debut EP features "The Octopus", a special track written and composed with Adriana Rubio using her Synesthesia to decode a watercolor artwork by Ian Barrett.

 "111" Debut EP is a six track CD filled with driving rock music to enjoy with friends and headbang in live gigs.

CD Back Cover By M.A.M
“The Octopus” has been chosen amongst a number of outstanding paintings Ian Barrett kindly sent to choose from for a leading Neuroscience Project on Synesthesia.

Ian Barrett is the nephew of Roger "Syd" Barrett, the famous English musician who was born in Cambridge, UK. Syd Barrett was a visual artist by nature, a Synesthete songwriter, composer and singer worldwide known as the founding member, main songwriter, lead guitarist and lead singer for Pink Floyd
Doctor Darío Lisei, a Neurologist who is currently studying deeply all kinds of brain images, was the one closely working with Adriana Rubio. Aside from his duties as a Neurologist in a wide range of Clinics, Hospitals and Sanatoriums, Doctor Lisei also is a musician, a drummer, so he clearly understood the musical language Rubio talks.

Watercolor Artwork “The Octopus” by Ian Barrett has been decoded by Adriana Rubio from the colors and their intensity to musical notes and different scales to create the song. The song  has been played and recorded by “111” at Casa Frida Recording Studios.