Article & CD Review by Adriana Rubio
Pictures: Courtesy of Jeffrey DBury
“The Game” is the newest album by multi-instrumental songwriter Jeffery Alan DBury. A nine track Rock Studio album recorded, mixed and mastered at Jeff’s own studio.

If you are a fan of Jeff’s music, you’ll notice “The Game” is the studio album that marks a “before” and “after”. There’s a complete new quality sound in each track. It is amazingly noticeable the way his passion for music has guided him to dive in and explore more. The listener is taken by surprise right from track 1 “The Game”.

Jeff DBury has always incurred into a well done vintage sound of the 70s and 80s, but this new studio album “The Game” pays homage to the English hard rock sound. Although it can be easily appreciable, it is not that easy to make it work during recording sessions. 

“The Game” is filled with the right rock tunes a rock music fan needs to head-bang. “The Game” gives you the incentive that only rockers identify with. The energy, the passion, the heat of the moment and the tunes that make you sing along, oh yeah.

As I said in previous articles, Jeff plays all the instruments, compose all the songs and sings. But for those reading this for the first time, Jeff started playing in rock bands many years ago as a drummer, a very good one. Jeff went through a lot of musical experiences out there, the good and the ugly times, the ups and downs of being a rock musician. So I applaud him for all the hard work. Jeff DBury is a multi-instrumental artist, music producer, composer and radio host. 

“The Game” is filled with hard rock tunes and the classic groovy blues tunes of Chicago, all recorded, mixed and mastered in a complete new light. So be ready to rock!