Article By Adriana Rubio
Pictures: Courtesy of Richard Thomas

“I am a Christian Rock recording artist and a faithful servant of Jesus Christ”. (Richard Thomas)

Richard Thomas is an Independent Christian Rock Recording Artist since 2012. Richard is the former lead guitarist for signed acts like “Operator” and “Rev Theory”. He is also known as Rikki Lixx.

Richard Thomas knows very well the way the music industry works so nobody can tell him different. He’s been there and has something very important to say to you all!

“Jesus saved me from the hell I was in and is the reason I'm a dedicated Christian artist, follower of Christ and whatever that entails. The Good Lord has me writing and recording music for Him non-stop”.

Richard went to rehab, got clean and started a complete new life musically and personally. He found himself for the first time accepting Jesus in his heart and is happily working as an independent artist.

“I'm very happy as an independent solo artist. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and got saved. Now all I do is make music glorifying the one true King, Jesus Christ. Life is good”. 

Richard is doing his best to promote his music every day in Jesus name. As an independent recording artist things are not that easy in terms of massive promotional campaigns such as radio airplays, live gigs and touring.  

“I am raising money for tour support and a tour bus. I will be touring with my band everywhere to spread The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Richard Thomas really needs financial support. You can help him by visiting the link below. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

We must celebrate that a talented musician like Richard Thomas is alive amongst us, someone who used to be famous and had a serious drug problem. He is clean of drugs since 2012.

Thank you all for your support!